QUICK REVIEW | Xigmatek Galaxy Elite CY120 RGB Fans

Entry level RGB fans are all around us – they look similar and they perform similarly as well. But there are some that actually stands out.

Xigmatek has released their own line of entry level fans into the market which has some features that are a tad bit different than other more known fans out.

Dimension 120mm
Fan Weight 136g
Fan Speed 600-1200rpm
Noise <20.9dBA
Air Volume 49CFM
Rated V & I
Fan is 12 volts, 02. amperes | LED is 5 volts 0.6 amperes
Rated Power consumption 5.4 watts
What’s in the box
Front of the box. Shows the different models of Xigmatek RGB fans. Here we have the Galaxy Elite CY120 (upper left fan on the box art)
Unpacked. Comes with three Xigmatek Galaxy Elite CY120 fans (120mm) screws, proprietary fan hub, remote, and power cable.

The package truly is a starter pack – not missing anything or needing an additional purchase to set everything up on your system without any fuzz.

Like any other fan kit that runs on its own fan hub – There’s only one one set of cables that has the power and control cables all in one plug.

Side of the box. Shows rated specifications of the fans.
Back of the box. A quick look at the features and the controls of the fan hub.

The fans packaging and presentation will give an impression that the fans are cheap –  even cheaper than unbranded fans. But upon setting up –  everything seem like what you would expect from a regular branded component

The proprietary fan hub is compatible with fans with similar connectors. Powered directly by molex to PSU adapter.

Fan hub has actually fan speed control from 600-1200rpm at 49CFM. Works best as airflow case fans rather than pressure optimized fans for radiators and heatsinks.

You heard that right these fans crank up to a respectable 49 CFM –  in areas some of the other RGB entry level fans will only reach around 39-40cfm.

The trade-off for this kind of fan setups are the need for the proprietary fan hub – It make things more streamlined without the need for more cables but it would mean that control would also be dropped to only the fan hub which eliminates ARGB and PWM options.

Quick look at the RGB effects


The RGB on these fans don’t go overboard which is a good thing – it produces a balanced display of RGB elegance and not just vomiting 16.8 million colors.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The Galaxy Elites are a bit different from the usual RGB fan in the market – They perform and look the same but – should I say a cut above the rest? Boasting 49 CFM which is one of the highest for entry level fan numbers – Can you really say that RGB hinders performance? This might be because of the weird shape of the fins of the fan.

The price (SRP is PHP1,699) and convenience of cheap fans – but with added performance and design. This truly deserves the Great Value. Though it does need a facelift to make the presentation of the product a bit better.

  • Fan speed control is available.
  • Above Average CFM for entry level fans
  • Double sided RGB rings on the fans
  • Wide range of RGB effects via the fan hub.
  • Proprietary fan headers can be a limiting factor.
  • Packaging looks cheap

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