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UNBOXING | Trident Z RGB Royal Edition: A Taste of Premium

“Ever since their reveal from Computex 2018, All eyes were on these gems, literally gems as the Trident Z Royal Edition would give a taste of prestige to the already growing old RAM modules.”

The Trident Z RGBs were the cornerstone of RGB integration to RAM modules –  They were unmatched when it comes to choice for flexing RGB with the clear cases increasing in the market.

G.Skill addressed a lot of concerns to the aging RAM modules – Software support, wonky LED activity, and some even asked for better and more LEDs to address smoothness of the effects flowing through the bars.

G.Skill made a new take on the aging icon and even added more flare while addressing all the concerns above.


The Trident Z Royals came in a simple box that resembles a small jewelry style box – Personally, they could have made more effort with the box such as adding more jewelry box features but I guess they we’re trying to keeping costs low enough for the RAM modules to not catch too much on the pricetag.


The modules are secured firmly while included in the box is the cloth for cleaning the RAM to keep its shine.

Overview of the product

Initially, we planned to get the 3200mhz kit that has the CL14 timings – however, PCHub mentioned they didn’t have the one with CL14 timings so we went ahead with the regular 3000mhz kit. (It’s available in 3000mhz up to 4600mhz – more details here )

The RAM is overall more heavier than the regular Trident Z RGBs, Each RAM module has 8 LED areas from the 6 on its predecessor – They also sync beautifully with the RGB software without any problems unlike the past version.

They come in Silver Chrome and Gold. I decided to get the gold so it wouldn’t look like I just placed mirrors inside my PC – The gold version looks like a mirror inside but the gold color is still noticeable and looks great when you play around the RGB lighting above that was designed to look like uncut gems.

Final Thoughts


The Trident Z RGB Royal are great choices for RAM kits if you intend to make most of getting an RGB component inside your PC – It’s also worth the price considering the price isn’t far off the regular Trident Z RGBs, and they’re also available in higher frequencies !!!

The price difference and also the issues they addressed make the Trident Z Royal a worth buy and certainly not a useless purchase. Somehow prestige and the taste of premium is worth it in this case.

For as low as 10,780 pesos, you can get the 16gb 3000mhz kit in PChub – higher frequencies have a more scaled price due to the tax they have.


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