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REVIEW | RAPOO VH510 RGB Gaming Headphones – Lightweight RGB Essential

RAPOO V is the gaming line of peripherals by RAPOO carrying different gaming gear for all categories and price ranges. They have sent over the RAPOO VH510 RGB gaming headphones for us to try out. Partly being an audio hobbyist and gamer at the same time, it’s always exciting for us to try out new audio gear in different applications.


The RAPOO VH510 is a lightweight gaming headphones that feels comfortable to use because of it’s headband with a suspension system that snugly fits over your head. There is no discomfort wearing the headphones during long gaming sessions thanks to the ear cups that are made of soft material and the clamping force is not too tight making it breathable, although it does not isolate outside noise that much. There is a volume control on the back of the headphones for adjusting volume on the fly which is useful, but for me personally, I just keep it at maximum.

The RGB lighting of the headphones is smooth and not too distracting though there is no customization available via software, the lighting effect transitions to different colors smoothly.

To use the RAPOO VH510 gaming headset, all you have to do is to plug it to the computer via USB and Windows will automatically detect it as “Rapoo gaming headset”, giving that convenience of not having to download additional software.


The microphone is extended enough to be in front your mouth but the length is not adjustable. You can, however, point it in different directions thanks to it’s flexible stem. It is good to note that the microphone has it’s own kill switch though we find it a little difficult to use because of it’s size and uncomfortable location. It would’ve been better if the kill switch is positioned on the wire of the headset instead of being on top of the microphone itself.

However, we are impressed on how the microphone sounds. It is very clear and crisp as if it came from a much more expensive microphone. Noise cancellation is good enough that it blocks background noise maintaining the clarity of your voice at an acceptable level. You can give it a listen from the audio clip below.

Rapoo VH510 Microphone test

Audio quality

For the audio test, we gave the RAPOO VH510 our usual music listening session, and gaming with Rainbow Six: Siege, a game where sound awareness is very critical for game play.

The first song that we listened to with this headset is Creep by Radiohead. This has been one of the baseline songs we use for testing audio.

First impressions are good as we can distinguish each of the instruments clearly in the song. During the intro, you can hear the bass guitar and kick drum blend together during the soft parts of the song. It doesn’t sound muddy and the bass frequencies don’t overwhelm each other. When the distorted electric guitar starts to kick in, the high frequencies came out nicely without being too harsh allowing you to still hear the ride cymbal in the background while maintaining the clarity of the vocals with smooth rounded mids.

Trying out a different genre, we listened to KOD by J. Cole and the headphones was able to bring out the punchiness of the bass all the way throughout the song while maintaining the clear and crisp vocals. This pretty much says that the VH510 passes our music test.

For gaming, we played several ranked games on Rainbow Six: Siege and this is where this headphones really shines. We can’t help but notice the wide sound stage this headphones which is a huge plus giving it an advantage in being able to distinguish different breakables, footsteps, and directions of gunfire properly that helps with the in-game awareness which is crucial in surviving gunfights.

The VH510 is actually advertised as a Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound gaming headset, unfortunately, it didn’t sound like it. To be honest we feel that “Virtual 7.1” is a gimmick most companies use for marketing. Not that we have actually tried a Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound gaming headset that properly sounds like a real 7.1 Surround system (and we’ve tested a bunch), you have to take into consideration that humans only have two ears and the replicating actual 7.1 Surround Sound via software implementations is far from being realistic.


For a set of gaming headphones at the SRP of Php1495, the RAPOO VH510 is very promising. Though there are minor issues for us like the placement of the microphone kill switch, this gaming headphones is impressive overall. The quality of the microphone is beyond what we would expect from an audio peripheral in this price range and the audio quality is superb. If you’re looking for an entry-level gaming headphone not only for gaming but for live streaming as well, we would recommend the VH510 just for the microphone quality alone. The RGB aesthetic is just a plus.

Ira James
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