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REVIEW | Player One Ghost Gaming Chair

With the growth of the gaming community in the Philippines these past few years, we’ve also seen a growth of local brands bringing in a wide selection of gaming gear to cater to the needs of the gaming lifestyle. With that in mind, Player One enters the Philippine gaming community and aims to redefine what it means to be a gamer through their products. Right now, they only have one product launched so far: the Player One Ghost gaming chair. Moving away from the generic looking gaming chairs, the Player One Ghost has been well received in the community and everyone is just looking forward to get one.

Who is Player One?

Before we get into the gaming chair itself, let me introduce who is Player One. Just like the usual garage story of successful companies, Player One started with a group of friends who share a huge passion for gaming that led them to pursue a commitment to contribute to the gaming community. Mr. Gerard Licup, one of the founders of Player One shares how he sees Player One redefine what it means to be a gamer:

” Player One is all about the culture. We inspire hard work, dedication, perseverance and all the necessary things to be better. We want players to be reminded of the fundamentals of what it takes to be great. This is shown through our products, and most importantly our values as a brand. “

As a gamer himself, Mr. Licup also sees the ups and downs of the gaming community in the Philippines as trends and the perception of being a gamer is constantly changing. Selling gaming products is just the tip of the iceberg. Player One aims to influence the Filipino gaming culture.

” We want to continually tell people that it all starts with you, Player One. Culture change is necessary if you want to be triumphant in what you do. It’s your choice as Player One. ” Mr. Licup continues.

Player One plans to launch a wide range of products in the future, but for now, they have the Ghost gaming chair available to order in their Facebook Page at the price of Php15, 000.

credits to Player One Facebook

Player One Ghost Gaming Chair

We have seen the Player One Ghost gaming chairs make their debut a few months ago in events from NVIDIAPhilippines and the Pinoy Gaming Festival and we are glad to have one here in our office to try out.

Unboxing and Assembly

Unboxing and assembly of the chair are pretty straight forward and it took me around 15-20 minutes to put it together. The assembly manual is very easy to understand, and the included tool for the screws isn’t so bad either.

At first glance, you can definitely tell that the build of the chair is really solid starting from the base of the chair that is made from steel. The gas lift, also supports full tilt with the lock mechanism.

The armrest is also rigged with a solid steel frame and locking mechanism that allows you to change its height, you can also rotate or bring the armrest forward/backward. How you set it up will depend on how you’re comfortable with it.

The back rest can be retracted up to 180-degrees so you can fully rest on your back after that long gaming session. The chair’s padding is also very thick that makes it a lot more comfortable compared to other chairs in the local market.

The chair also includes a head pillow and lumbar support, which I personally can be a love or hate experience depending on the user. I opt to use the chair without the head pillow.

Player One Ghost Gaming Chair

Looking at it as a whole, you can see that the Player One Ghost didn’t adopt the “race-car style” chair that other brands follow. Instead, they opted for a more professional and classy looking black polyurethane leather and diamond stitch designs.

User experience

We’ve been using this chair for a couple of weeks now in our office and we have a couple of things to point out.

First of all, the Player One Ghost is not that huge chair so that’s something to consider before buying. My height is around 5″6 so I snugly fit in the chair. I think people who are a bit taller and wider than me will find it a little bit uncomfortable. Player One said they are going to release a larger gaming chair soon. For the exact measurements, refer to the photos below.

Comfort wise, the head pillow and lumbar support are good to have and I know a lot of people likes this feature, but personally, it’s not for me. Another thing that I like is that I am able to adjust the height of the armrest almost to the same level as my table to match my comfort level. This is something I did not have in my other gaming chair.

Does it get hot? I sit in front of my computer for more than 12 hours a day with at least 10% of it with air conditioning. My butt cheeks can get fairly warm, but not sweaty thanks to the chair’s comfortable polyurethane leather. See the photo below to compare the material used between the Player One Ghost and Rakk Takkus Elite.

Lastly, the chair’s padding is really thick and it adds to the comfort and premium feel of the chair.

Player One Ghost Gaming Chair
Player One Ghost Gaming Chair


The Player One Ghost delivers the comfort and features expected from a premium product, but this chair is about beyond the comfort. The professional vibe radiated by this chair will say a lot about what kind of gamer you are to bring out your niche. It reflects self confidence to show that you are comfortable about who you are and your love for gaming.

At the price of Php15,000, you are not only investing on a premium product, you are also investing in a lifestyle that will become a part of your success.

Ira James
Ira James is an enthusiast who has his roots on PC hardware and gaming. His career as a tech journalist began after working in the PR industry for two years. He started GGWPTech to write PC hardware reviews, gaming, cyber security, and enterprise tech news. His works are also syndicated by other media publishers: Tech Sabado, and the Sunday and Business I.T. section of Manila Times.

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