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OVERVIEW | ROG Gaming Keycap Set: The Wit of the Grit

ASUS ROG has always been one of the leader in the gaming tech industry – following through the greater bulk of the product line ups such as peripherals and hardware options alike.

With this, We’re glad ROG isn’t missing out on the smaller side of the spectrum.

Custom Keysets or Keycaps has been a thing for as long as we can remember – they make sense as there a lot of differently made options out there. It adds a new category of customization with a personal touch – and it doesn’t make sense if one of the market leaders will be missing out on it.

The Package

The set comes in a slide through box that has a set of ROG stickers upfront when you slide the box during unboxing – basic packaging presented in the one the most subtle premium way possible.

Inside the box we see the metal alloy ROG Escape Key, QWERASD textured keyset, along with the plastic keycap puller all cradled properly inside the box.

Personally, I’d say they could have gone with a metal wire type puller to complete the premium feel for the keyset.

The Overview

All of the keycaps have no problems fitting on any standard keyboard stems – they slide in and out easily without any problems whatsoever.

The escape key doesn’t weigh down the switch and I actually do love how the ROG logo punches through the keycap.

The keysets are in all honesty are well designed and thought through – Side printed legends and design, standard font used, textured way above standard keyset texturing.

They do deliver what they are advertised at – added control on key strokes.
I’ve had a couple of keysets in my collection that are textured with non existent gloss – The ROG Gaming Keycap Set however are a whole different type of “grit”. I lean more towards textured caps mainly because I’d like the sensation to register in my head and with that I also use Blue switches to fully complete the “sensory” package.

The Verdict

Probably, a good attempt of ASUS ROG in entering the more smaller niches of the market. They could have added a metal wire type keycap puller with the ASUS ROG markings to complete the set – I also would have appreciated a whole ROG Keyset in TKL or Full Layout; but at the price point of more or less 1500 pesos for this Keyset alone – I bet they would need to redesign the whole concept for it to be aligned with the existing premium keysets out in the market.

Is it a cop or a drop?

Definitely. a cop for me

It has some stuff that could be worked on or “could have beens”
but the concept and use stands – it isn’t some cheap marketing gimmick; it really does do its intended job. and for one of the first entry of ASUS ROG in the niche market, I think it was a pretty good attempt – conservatively speaking.

Let’s see if they bump up the package in the future though – looking forward to a full layout, a TKL, and that sweet custom metal ASUS ROG metal wire type keycap puller.

Seth Francisco Capili
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