REVIEW | SpecterPro G255SL 144hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor – Everything You Need For Less The Cost

REVIEW | SpecterPro G255SL 144hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor – Everything You Need For Less The Cost

September 11, 2018 17 By GGWPTech Editor

For years, the battle for the 144hz monitor essential was between the ASUS VG248QE and the BENQ/Zowie XL2411 (Which I previously owned) but then, 2018 came so fast that the market littered with new players (Such as SpecterPro in this case) in the parts scene which gave enthusiasts more options to choose from (which is always good) – But the SpecterPro G255SL 144hz Monitor is a whole new thing

SpecterPro was a company that didn’t ring a bell on anyone’s ear – it was both good and bad as it was gonna penetrate a market which has many companies and brands establishing a proper image and pitch to the populace. But someone was bound to know sooner or later if they really were bringing in surprisingly cheaper options to the market with almost the same specifications

The G255SL caught attention due to its specifications of being a 25in 144hz monitor that had a price of a little less than the 10k mark (during its release it was 9700, but at the time we bought it which was we think was the second time they restocked it is now at 9750 – the price increase was normal as per the staff of easypc which was a trend among products being restocked after the first time.

With all the hype from everyone buying it on the first drop – and with no major negative review from the major community we decided to get 4 (2 for our commissioned builds and 2 for our dual monitor setup) there are 2 reasons why we got multiple pieces. One, is we wanted to see if this was a good candidate for multiple monitor setups due to having a frameless design and two, we wanted to see if we can get a lemon out of the 4 pieces as this is an new asian brand, we wanted to see if quality control is still part of the small pricemark.

Everyone (or at least most of us) knows that this monitor sports superb color qualities for a TN panel rocking a frameless design based on the review of a popular tech reviewer but the question is “is it really worth all the hype if we factor in what you’ll use it for and what you’re going for in your monitor choice?”

The Packaging

Packaging for the G255SL looks okay-ish not the bland bare cardboard style of packaging – They actually spent time and effort to have the visuals and details of the product in front and other details in the back. The box was easy to carry as well

Inside the box we see the main screen encased in 2 styroshells with the additional contents on an outer part of the styro casing.

What’s Inside

SpecterPro didn’t skip out on what they included on the package with the monitor and 2 piece stand – They included an HDMI cable and display port cable along with the power cable which had a noticeable thickness to it in the absence of a power brick.

I wish they made it more convenient and had a plug that didn’t need an adapter to fit most standard outlets but I think the contents were more than enough for the price point of the monitor



The monitor takes a little assembly with a 2 part minimalist stand – the first part requires you to screw the neck of the stand using 4 screws to the tilt mount which allows the monitor to tilt vertically

(Do note that this monitor is VESA mount compatible through the 75 x 75 mounting point in the back)


After securing the neck of the stand we proceed in screwing the foot of the stand itself which only requires one screw.

I’d like to advise to plug in the connectors you wish to before placing your monitor in its rightful spot especially if its congested or a bit hard to fiddle around once placed – in my case as a second monitor I opted to have it connected. The monitor features a 3.5mm audio jack, 2 HDMI ports, and 1 Display Port – gone are the glory days of the mighty DVI-D and VGA cable; it is worth checking the ports of your graphics card as some sports more DVI-D ports than Display Ports, in my case my GTX 1070 has 2 display ports.

Functionality and Accessibility

The monitor’s functionality and non-touch buttons are very welcome to my taste, coupled with it being easily accessible in the side and exposed makes it, even more, better for me. Switching to my PC and PS4 display (HDMI and DP) was a breeze and wasn’t clunky, unlike my past VX239H which had touch type buttons that kind of irritated me at some point.and also had a weird thing preventing me from switching to my PS4 display when I had it previously on PC.
Detection of devices, booting up, and switching display was also fast and the delay was almost non-existent.

The following buttons from bottom to top are the power button

display source

Picture mode (standard, photo, movie, game, fps, rts, and user)

Game feature menu which lets you put a red or green crosshair with 4 variants and also a timer which you get to choose where to put in the screen.


The last button is for the general menu which has all the settings and a couple more.

The topmost button also doubles as the “select button” the 2nd and 3rd button from the top being the directional selection button and the 4th being a “back button”.


Overall Quality

The SpecterPro G255SL is one of life’s miracles that you don’t how it exists but it does. It’s color quality is indeed great and it’s not just that – it’s like that outside of the box. Unlike the other 144hz variants which you have to fine tune after setting up this actually has some pretty decent colors out of the box it’s less washed out compared to my previously owned 144hz TN panel monitor, it comes close to the 60hz IPS panel monitor I had but comes in short. I know this monitor is 25in but it feels smaller than my 24in monitor (maybe because this is a frameless design) It’s great for console and PC use as the 25in size and color quality bridges the gap between a standard 60hz IPS screen and a washed out 144hz TN panel. The Frameless design makes it a good candidate for setting up as multiple monitors.

We’ve tested the monitor for 2 nights of Rainbow Six: Siege which takes advantage of the high refresh rate due to the leaning and other fast movement involved. The game also featured a whole range of differently colored and lighted maps which we found the monitor to handle well due to its color quality. The color of the monitor was a breath of fresh air to me as I was used to playing high octane FPS games on a washed out TN panel 144hz monitor and to think you can achieve that without sacrificing color makes me a happy user.

Final Verdict

To make this short and sweet we’ve narrowed it down to a small list you can consider before buying


+ Feature Creature – For a monitor which is under 10k, it sure has a couple of neat features it brings to the table for gaming monitors
+ Color middle ground – It isn’t an IPS panel but it sure does a great job of trying to get close to it, you don’t need to fiddle around with the settings out of the box, unlike some other branded monitors which are priced more. The color is good enough – superb at some point even
+ Space Saver – The minimalist stand saves a lot of space and fits most setups, it even has a VESA mount you can utilize
+ Frameless 144hz – Multiple monitor potential – Great color and a 144hz panel brings a great choice for consumers who play and also work at their battlestation, the frameless design and cheap price makes a great combination for a multiple monitor setup since all the advantages and reason to go for it is there


– Limited flexibility – The monitor can only tilt vertically, maybe more if you could take advantage of a VESA mount but for know you’re limited to nodding with the screen
– Limited stock – currently, only EasyPC are carrying this brand; like the first stock that came in when the hype started stocks were depleted so fast that the next restock was a month or more. This is the same phenomena during the launch of the Cryorig Quad Lumi where only PCHub was carrying it. A single retailer is great as long as they can meet the demand; which most of the time they don’t.
– Sensitivity – This is a finding that I noticed about the screen I had next to my PC back exhaust when it gets a bit hot, the screen tends to turn black for a second and turns back on again – I gave a conclusion it was from my exhaust fan since when I created a heat shield the sudden black screens stopped. Be careful with this monitor when buying as even if you get it RMA’d if you’re not treating it correctly then it’s still useless (Don’t let this stop you from buying as this is a matter of taking care of the product)

So let’s get the final decision – Is it a COP? or a DROP?

We’d say to COP this awesome monitor, for the price you actually get more for what you pay for but try to get it before they run out of stock again – The monitor is a perfect balance of work and plays as the color quality actually bridges both qualities. The monitor is just 9750 pesos at your nearest EasyPC branch and I’d suggest you take advantage of the same day reservation if you’re going to run out to buy the monitor after your shift.

At this point, you’ll probably think that we’d recommend you buying a monitor from a more known brand if you have the extra cash – well if what you need is all in the SpecterPro G255SL, will you still need to cough up more cash for a brand name? We’ll let you decide on that

We’re pleased to give the SpecterPro G255SL the “Blessed for Less” award and “Flexin on a Budget” award for displaying such remarkable qualities for an economically friendly monitor option.