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REVIEW | ThunderX3 BC3 Boss

The ThunderX3 BC3 Boss brings a new experience to the chair market in these modern times where brands would compete who has the thickest chair or who has the best price to quality ratio. This chair has an SRP of Php9,950, let’s see what this chair is all about.


I’d put the ThunderX3 BC3 Boss to be the less cooped up or the one with the less drag for reasons that binds up together to bring a “high speed, low drag” comfortable experience for your long hour seatings.

What’s in the Box

The box of the ThunderX3 BC3 itself is your standard gaming chair package of cardboard. Although, we did appreciate the whole setup of the package inside the box as we had no issues taking the parts off the box even if it looks cramped upon opening.

Assembly of the chair seems less of a challenge – with most of the major parts already bolted together and would only need the included Allen key for further assembly of the ThunderX3 BC3

Like most chairs, it is humanely possible with force to disassemble chairs in the same category as the ThunderX3 BC3 – However, the gas tube will prove to be a challenge even to the most buffed enthusiasts.

Less Drag, More Speed

The ThunderX3 BC3 has changed my mind after a long time of pushing the auto pick button on chairs that are rather generous in giving some girth to their seats.

The seat has all the major features present in a chair of this caliber. this seems like a basic offer but some seats of the same category skips out on features to give way for the seat cushioning.

Everything about the ThunderX3 BC3 screams speed. From the design and form factor – The seat was made for speed and mobility. This has got to be one of the mid tier chairs available in the market that’s easy to move from one room to another and make adjustments in less than 3 seconds if a different person will use it.

Other chairs (most notably the more bulkier ones) often suffers in mobility, either having less fluid joints and wheels or just having less mobile features due to limitations arising from the materials used on specific parts.

Surprisingly, the chair even with having a smaller form – has enough padding to actually be comfortable without feeling cooped up. I have tried this chair out in long hours and to an extent your more than usual hours in different temperatures with the same satisfied result of comfort and mobility rolled into one package.

I believe the only downside of the chair will likely fall into user preference, such as when a specific person leans into options with thicker padding or couch like seats which this sleek chair isn’t. I also found the arm rest to be too mobile and rather easy to move and shift even if you’re not trying to do so.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

I’d give this chair a huge thumbs up just because it changed my view on gaming chairs with small form factors. The engineering behind the ThunderX3 BC3 dives to a chair that works with features from the realm of top performers while occupying the mid tier market and approaching small form factor chairs with speed and satisfaction.


  • Easy Assembly, without a doubt you can have the chair fully assembled in less than an hour at a maximum.
  • Highly Breathable, due to the small form factor stature of the chair it’s rather comfortable to sit on this chair in any setting.
  • Mobile on all parts, when we say speed, we meant speed on every part in the chair. From the armrest, wheels, chair, and backrest – movement was never wobbly and uneasy.


  • Preference, if you prefer couch thickness or just the thicker foamed style of chairs then this chair isn’t for you. It does come close to the feel but this is a rather different chair with its own offerings
  • Wild armrests, the armrests are fast and mobile – too fast though and moves and adjusts even if you’re not trying to.
Seth Francisco Capili
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