Build Review | Tecware M3: Third Time’s the Charm

Build Review | Tecware M3: Third Time’s the Charm

April 10, 2019 0 By Seth Francisco Capili

“The third installment of a case that doesn’t get much love – well it does get some attention but not that much as the other controversial tecware cases.”

The M3 comes from a line of M-ATX cases that started with the M1, then the M2 and now the M3. The M1 is a case that might have been the most known in the M series due to the airflow capabilities of the case.

The M2 was more of a redo of the the M1 – Tecware’s soft fix and jump to a more simplistic but minimalist case that would scream sophistication. The case took a jump from being the go to airflow based design to redoing except of course its noticeable width for an M-ATX case.

The M3 is the brain child of Tecware’s attempt on a sophisticated minimalist design, the M2 and at the same time bringing back the airflow performance of the original M1 – going back to their roots as the go to airflow case of the standard M-ATX form factor that’s the middle of the pack in building PCs.

The M3 is a real dandy – It’s simple, light, and polished in terms of design. It still carries the signature width girth from the M series. The RGB isn’t lacking and is bright enough to light up the right side of insides that’s noticeable even when the fan is turned on.

Carry worthy – The usual test for this is carrying a case in a 2.5km path with stairs and such. this is one of the cases that is light enough to be carried on one arm the whole trip. This actually gave me an idea that this might be compromised on the entirety of the case.

Building on this case is straightforward and is easy due to the width of the case. everything on the case has some allowance of some kind – even the space behind the case where all the ugly cable work hides. The holes where the standoffs go was threaded properly – unlike other budget cases from tecware before that there we’re some flimsy threads that would force the standoff to be stuck in a weird position.

The M1 had superb airflow due to the huge open mesh front panel – it traded that out on the M2 that choked the airflow and had the opening on the left most side of the front panel – The M3 had a more noticeable mesh that’s place more in the front of the front panel rather than just the side.

Tecware should also include their stock non RGB fans more – I was amazed by these fans way back to deliver good airflow for budget builders. Cases from tecware that included these fans we’re given an option to keep em before they get more viable and controllable options.

Final thoughts and recommendations

The M3 is a case that’s well priced – in my honest opinion, it’s priced very well below the range of cases. You get RGB, tempered glass, and a design to work on rather like a breeze; from building the front to the cable management at the back – the extra space that came with this case is welcomed especially for first time builders. This is a case that I could recommend to anyone and I would easily lug around if I wanted to save shipping costs.