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Build Review | Inwin A1: Pandora’s Smaller Box of Wonders

“The Inwin A1 has got to be one of the better value cases out there – sure it’s a mini-ITX case but the space and clearance it offers make it one of the best out there – Did we also mention it has a power supply included?”

The Mini-ITX PC needs more love – It’s more than a PC, it’s an ornament and a marvel to some point that computers can pack the same punches as their bigger counterparts. Maybe one of the reasons why it doesn’t receive that much love is that there’s really a few options for the case and motherboard, but I think the stigma of the “small pc” has a lot more to do with it.

We have the thinking of high temperatures, huge differences in performance, fears of building, and even the cost of such systems.
Inwin has created the A1 to knock out all stigmas – from high temps to the cost of a mini-ITX system; the A1 was built to welcome all the builders who shunned away from the small form factor builds.


The A1 despite it’s “menacing” size, is actually pretty heavy – It brought the weight of the usual Inwin chassis, and it’s not from the tempered glass panel. They incorporated all of the convenient features of the usual Inwin case to this small box to make building a little bit easier.

Integrated motherboard standoffs, Pop-on panel locks for the side panel, thumb screws in the back panel, slotted locks for both panels, and even the cable management system at the back we’re all adopted in to this case – but of course in a smaller and more compact size.


The case fits the role of the small form factor build or a mini-ITX in short – but it features a 160mm clearance height for coolers and up to 360mm clearance length for graphics cards – this is hugely generous. We even have seen builds push this by having large coolers such as the Noctua D15 and Tri-fan girthy cards inside the case.

Neat Features

The A1 features a QI charger on top of the case (wireless charger) – the only thing that bugged me regarding it is that you have to put the phone at a certain spot to charge and not just anywhere on top of the case.

The underglow of the case is overwhelming to the point that it gives the impression that the case is floating on thin air – The RGB plug of the LED also has a splitter to avoid problems if you want to use the RGB header of your case to sync with other components.

As a cherry on top, the case comes with a 600w bronze certified 80+ power supply that will power up your build and most probably will last most upgrades.


For our build – We had an OC’d Palit GTX 1070 and a stock Ryzen 5 2600 with a Wraith Stealth run on idle minutes after a quick benchmark with userbenchmark. Araphyria, our A1 build idled at 35c without air conditioning in the room.

We followed this up with the client with a week of usage and has reported an idle of 30c with airconditioning and 60c on load. Take note that the temps noted are the average between the processor and graphics card.

Final thoughts and recommendations

The case is a solid choice for first time Mini-ITX builders and even veterans looking to add an extra build on their log. for a price of 8500 pesos, you get a premium case with a 600w 80+ bronze rated power supply – that’s one less part you have to worry about.

Do note that the case only supports 2 2.5in drives, it is however possible to add another 2.5in drive at the space in front part of the case – this is a good build to explore the power of SSDs. for the compromise of 3.5in drive support you get excellent graphics card and cooler height clearance – we think that’s a good trade off but for others that want to stick with 3.5in drives, we recommend to explore other options.



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