Bootleg Builds | Project Geneva: A Beefy Budget Build

Bootleg Builds | Project Geneva: A Beefy Budget Build

March 27, 2019 4 By GGWPTech Editor

“Limited budget, little compromise, excellent upgradability – Meet Project Geneva; The child of price picking, parts research, and correct risk management.”

RAM on free-fall prices, GPU cards dropping prices, and accessibility to even cheaper alternatives have given us an opportunity to release another budget build – but this isn’t just a regular budget build, but we’ll be pushing how much can we squeeze out of 35,000 pesos; and we really did the best we could here with little to no compromise.

The Draft

Much like my previous client builds – we will always strive to play around the budget of our client; but of course with our insights on what to expect. 35k for a PC rig isn’t that high but I wanted to stretch how much we can cram to a system offering minimum compromise and of course not sacrificing future upgradability.

Let’s face it we won’t sacrifice upgradability on a budget build because that should be the least of your problems; upgrading should be a breeze and parts should be the ones you just have to plug in and not disassemble parts already existing in the chassis

project geneva

– MSI B450M Bazooka Plus – 4,650 pesos
– Ryzen 2600 with Wraith Stealth Fan – 9500 pesos
– Zotac GTX 1060 6gb AMP edition – 8000-9000 pesos (watch out for shops clearing out their stocks)
– Ballistix White DDR4 2400mhz 16gb stick – 4500 pesos (cheaper brands will also release price around this range)
– 1tb WD Blue – 2500 pesos
– Seasonic S12 520w 80+ Bronze – 2800 pesos
– Tecware M3 – 1750 pesos

  • Total price of 34,700 pesos at max – you also have a spare of 300 for transportation as well

“Only the Essentials and a little bit more”

The Build



We’ll focus on the essentials but also provide a clear reason why we chose these to fill the 35,000 pesos price tag.

It was very easy to get our hands on some cheap clearance sale GPU cards and RAM sticks these days; pushing our budget lower that what it was before when building a PC that stepped into the 16gb and GTX 1060 territory.

Again, Easy PC Makati and Softbox Solutions helped us out a lot – these are the best shops that reply fast to customer inquiries and are one of the more accommodating shops out there that gives Cash on Delivery and reservation options.

The Ryzen 5 2600 is a no-brainer these days. for price to performance ratio – I could not give a better option to anyone who’s building a mid-range to mid high range rig these days.

I’ve also want to note that I had only one time that I didn’t find a Ryzen 2600 on stock with my supplier and the day after it was already waiting for me. Props to AMD for keeping their stocks healthy for the consumers.

The MSI B450m Bazooka Plus is a nifty piece of hardware. For a board that you can find at different shops less than 5,000 pesos – you get 4 ram slots, a healthy amount of header accessibility and IO options, and also the reinforcement of some part that you would normally see present on boards that are priced at more than 5,000 pesos within the same category.

Did we also mention that it also had a subtle RGB touch behind it?

16gb RAM and GTX 1060 6gb, I think this is where I draw the line for a PC rig built on a budget and still be comfortable in rocking it for a while.

But during the RAM and GPU crisis before we needed to sacrifice one to fit the other – at the peak of the crisis we even had an entry level processor just for a GTX 1060 to fit the budget. (See Project Delilah)

Normally, we would see the 16gb ram on a 8gbx2 kit to utilize the dual channel feature. But I was thinking of upgradability in the future as well as options in front of our plate during this rather time constrained build.

We only had the 16gb single stick DDR4 available; but I was thinking in the future, you could achieve 32gb RAM by just adding one more stick and have room for future upgrades which is rather viable due to the nature of the 4 RAM slots the MSI Bazooka Plus had offered – not to mention that it would be easier to install new RAM rather than change the whole board.

We had a single drive in this built and we didn’t get an SSD – The WD blue 1 tb drive is one of the staple of PC builds and it still continues to be due to accessibility and an excellent track record.

We could have went for an SSD boot drive due to the dropped prices of SSD’s but we’re on a budget and getting an SSD in the future is easy both installment wise and build wise.

Our staple trusty Seasonic 520w S12 power supply will be our choice for a long time with little resistance to change – this also has one of the best scores in in its price category.

We’ll be leaving most of the details for our case in a separate review – but what we can just say is that Tecware should continue releasing cases with their stock fans.

Their stock fans are one of the best in the budget case industry and the M3 which is priced shy below 2,000 pesos and comes with 3 of these beasts are a god send in our regard.

The Performance

And there you have it, everything’s peachy and MSI’s BIOS screen says it all.

We didn’t had that much time to play around with the build as the client was itching to get it asap – but we had our benchmark results on

The temps of the case we’re also respectable with the stock fans – and based on the owner; the PC was great and he was ultimately happy with the PC for the price it was made at.

This is huge update from the past 35k build we had before – This PC will do great on most AAA games with room for upgrades in the future. The PC is all set with the Ryzen 5 2600 and will do great for ages unless you plan on amping up for more computer intensive workloads.