OVERVIEW | ASUS ROG PNK LTD: Pushing the Limits of Aesthetics

How far can you innovate something as simple as display goes? If you push design enough it’s hard to leave room for change or you’ll be stuck with what you have until new technology comes out. Reliance to an external factor isn’t always the best thing depend on now that we have a fast moving market at our palms.

RGB was pretty hard to knock over – When we say about innovation in the design department we’re not just saying about putting something new but rather a formulated concept, an idea – and a simple new feature just won’t cut it if the general idea of a product won’t change as a whole.


The Concept

RGB’s lifespan is being tested in the market – the fast moving economy we live in demands competition; competition that challenges the existing status quo.

ASUS ROG PINK LTD concept is marrying 2 principles – promoting the ecosystem design and having a stylish minimalist motif.

The does both majestically – It flares up with the style but doesn’t really need to go all out; subtle and stylish as we’ve always regarded with how ASUS has been going ahead with some of its product to create a new challenger in the market.

The Overview

I won’t lie – but this classifies as a re-skin of existing product line from ASUS ROG; but for an understandable reason.

This isn’t your basic reskin but rather a refresh – a new and fresh take of design introduced to something already out in the market.

The Gladius II, Sheath, Strix Flare, and the Fusion 300 are at the perfect spot to have the refresh placed into them – Why? They sit at the lower priced of the pack.

Their position in the ASUS product line puts them at a place where a reskin won’t hurt the price tag too much – We checked and the price difference from the vanilla version of the peripherals sits no more than 500 pesos. How is this special? compared to other reskins or “versions” of vanilla peripherals this is way low and sits below the margin of actually seeing it unreasonable. Some special versions or reskins can cost even more than 1000 pesos.

The Verdict

There’s a general and understandable cause for people to skip buying reskins of a product – Most of the time, the margin between the vanilla version of a product and the product itself is a bit steep. Just because you slap on the “Limited” term in a product, doesn’t mean it should add a huge chunk of premium on it.

The ROG Pink LTD is a perfect example for a product line reskin that is worth buying. The price is good, the concept challenges the status quo, and buying the bundle pre-order doesn’t cost you more or even buying just a piece of the set doesn’t cost more.

Is it a cop or a drop?

Honestly, at first glance – you should really drop the product for just being a reskin but because it blends the concept of an ecosystem and a concept of a design that actually looks good with a price difference margin not too far off from the original vanilla versions of the product line – We’d give this a (REASONABLE) cop label.

Minimalist pastel pink while keeping the premium features of the ASUS ROG they’ve always been known for is still present. thus having the ROG PINK LTD pass as a cop.

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