ONE Esports Warzone Showdown is set for October 10th – Philippine Esports has huge potential

Following the release of Season 6 on 7 October 2021 in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, the ONE Esports Warzone Showdown will return on 10 October 2021 at 2PM (GMT+8).

A total of 12 celebrity streamers from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand will compete in a series of live bouts. Each streamer will lead a hand-picked team in a battle to see who can eliminate the most people. Teams will receive one point for each elimination, with the winner team receiving an additional three points. Each streamer will be rated based on the total number of points earned in their separate matches, and they will not compete against streamers from other brackets. The team with the most eliminations during the one-day event will be crowned champions and take home the majority of the US$5,000 prize money.

On ONE Esports’ Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube platforms, the ONE Esports Warzone Showdown will be streamed live.

Despite the previous season’s mishaps involving some Philippine representatives in the ONE Esports Warzone Showdown, Jason Teo, Senior Director of Business Development at ONE Esports, said that they will be adding contingencies and more robust monitoring during the event. “We’ve briefed all participants on the importance of competitive integrity, and we’ll keep working to ensure that our tournaments are safe, with a focus on fair and honest competition,” he added.


No.MarketNameTotal Followers*
1IDPresident MojoOver 1m
2MYDangerDoggOver 3k
3MYSiupakchoiOver 1m
4PHAlita ZunicOver 60k
5PHJillian SantosOver 180k
6PHKhenji GamingOver 810k
7PHMaggie KarpOver 340k
8PHMyrtle SarrosaOver 4m
9PHTricia PotatoOver 8m
10THHAWKEZxoxoOver 30k
11THMarky932Over 30k
12THTanxliveOver 570k
*Total followers have been calculated across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube.

Philippine Esports has huge potential

According to Jason Teo, the Philippines and, more broadly, Southeast Asia, has an enormous market potential for esports. “The esports industry has grown rapidly in recent years, with 225 million fans across the region. According to our data, the Philippines is the second largest gaming and esports market in Southeast Asia, trailing only Indonesia. Philippines has a market size of 51 million players as of January 2021, up 19% since Jule “in 2020.” he added.

He also mentioned that they are working on many exciting projects such as the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup Asia 2021 and the 2021 ONE Esports MLBB Professional League Invitational.

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