MSI GH50 Gaming headphones

Given the rising popularity of esports in the Philippine market, MSI is continuously improving their peripheral offerings to provide a complete ecosystem of gaming hardware for the true dragon army fan. We first saw the MSI GH50 at Computex 2019 but didn’t get a chance to try it out. Now that we were sent a review sample, we feel that the MSI GH50 is something that we can recommend to gamers and here’s why.

Quick Specs

What’s in the box?

The packaging of the headset indicates everything that you need to know about the product. The package contains the headset, detachable microphone, a carrying pouch, and a manual.

Closer look

The design of the headset deviates from the usual black and red accents that we usually find on the the previous MSI Gaming headsets and what we have now is a much more sleek and modern looking outer frame.

With that, you can attach the included microphone which is flexible enough to be comfortably moved closer to you mouth. Plugged in, you will also notice the subtle RGB illumination on the earcups.

It is good to note that the headset can be folded for easier storage with the included carrying pouch.

The padding of the ear cushion is not purely leather, but close enough. It is soft and comfortable to wear over long gaming sessions. It also has a decent amount of passive noise cancellation for a more focused gaming audio experience.

For connectivity, this microphone is a USB only device with an external controller for volume, microphone mute, 7.1 virtual surround toggle, and bass vibration toggle. All these controls are nice to have but there are many people who will prefer to have the traditional analog audio jacks so the headset can be used for other devices as well.

The clamping force of the headset is also very comfortable and it is not too tight. Just enough so that the headset will not fall off your head. For people who have a much wider build, this is probably something that you should consider since it might not fit people who are slightly larger than your average Asian dude.


Just like the previous generation of headsets of MSI with bass vibration, like the MSI DS502, this gaming headset sounds really good. It’s got a really punchy bass and paired with the vibration effect you can really feel the oomph in every cannon shot or gunfire in-game. The added frequency boost also helps in identifying footsteps and other aspects of your game where hearing is critical.

The MSI GH50 has a pretty good volume and the microphone sounds decent enough for in-game communication. In all honesty though, the microphone of the older MSI DS502 is way better and I wish they kept the same microphone for the updated models of MSI gaming headsets.

It is also good to know that the RGB lighting can be controlled by the MSI Mystic Light Utility, and additional functionality like the audio equalizer can be controlled via MSI Dragon Center Software.

Microphone test

MSI GH50 Gaming Headset sound test

Final thoughts and recommendations

There are many things that stood out for me in this headset. First is the sound quality given that it’s using 40mm drivers, it delivers a lot of punch and clarity in the audio quality. Next it the build quality. Putting it side by side with my Focal Listen hifi headphones, I can say that MSI has evolved from having cheap/flimsy feeling build quality to having a really premium feeling gaming headset.

The RGB aesthetic is just an added value but I’m loving the new design approach MSI is taking with their new products: sleek and stealthy. The functionality of being able to quickly mute your microphone and adjust the volume using the external controller, as well as the detachable mic and the included carrying pouch are definitely a plus as well.

What I didn’t like on the other hand is that this is a USB only device meaning that I won’t be able to use this headset on my portable music player when I go out. Which makes the detachable mic kind of wasteful because I would like to bring this headset out sometime during commutes because it looks more like an audiophile headphone rather a gaming headphone.

Overall, if you are looking to get into the MSI ecosystem and you’re looking for a stylish, no-fuss, good sounding microphone for your gaming needs, the MSI GH50 is a must try. It sounds good, it feels good, and it looks good. Any MSI dragon army fan out there will find this to be a great buy for purely gaming.

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