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Conditions arising from long hours of computer use has been around for as long anyone can remember. It can lead to different kinds of injuries like the Carpal Tunnel or some other conditions concerning the same area.

Lenovo is bringing out a gaming mouse that features an ergonomic design as an option for gamers that needs something more custom tailored for their condition or really just want to try a new concept altogether.

Quick Speciation

Sensor TechnologyOptical PMW 3389
Sensor resolutionUp to 16,000 DPI
Max Moving speed>400 IPS
Maximum Acceleration>50g
USB report rate1000 Hz (1ms)
Scroll WheelUp / down
Button durabilityOmron 50 million clicks ( L/R buttons )
On-board memory3 profiles
Programmable buttons7 (need using Legion Accessory Software )
Mouse Dimensions122 x 74.6 x 41.7 mm (4.8 x 2.9 x 1.6 inches)
Mouse Weight100 -105 g + 10 g removable weight
Packaging Dimensions175 x 115 x 65 mm (6.9 x 4.5 x 2.6 inches)
Color3 Zone Programmable RGB (need using Legion Accessory Software )
Cable typeBraided cable
Cable length1.8 m (5.9 ft)
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Supported OSWindows® 7; Windows 10
PC SystemsHave USB 2.0 port
OthersInternet access for Legion Accessory Software (optional)
Warranty1 year
Ship Group (Whats in the box)M500 gaming mouse, 10g removable weight, Warranty poster, Specific Poster, User Guide

Closer Look

You’ll notice right away that the form and shape of the mouse leans on a more unusual aspect; weird but since it is an ergonomic mouse, that is why the shape is quite different. The mouse is angled around 15 ° to the right. It gives much less stress on your wrist when using it (supposedly) hence the ergonomic label to its branding

Both sides of the mouse has a textured grip making it easier to hold on to. The body has a matte finish on it. The Lenovo M500 mouse has 7 programmable switches which you can program by using the Lenovo Legion software.

Under the mouse, it has decent mouse feet on both sides. You’ll also find the compartment of the mouse weight. By pushing the engraved circle of the compartment releases the removable weight of the mouse. The removable weight is 10 grams. The braiding for the mouse is also decent – gone are the days of flimsy thick braided cabling which tethers quite easily.

Going in-depth, it uses Optical PMW 3389 sensor, in which the DPI can go up to 16000 DPI. The left-click and right-click buttons both use an Omron switch.

Talking about the weight of the mouse, it is on the heavy side even when the removable weight is removed – As an ergonomic mouse the gripping of the peripheral will be somewhat confusing or rather undetermined. However, as this mouse still retains the general figure of most mice – getting used to this compared to other “full ergonomic layout mice” will be a more pleasing experience.

RGB is more on the decent side without the spill over, there are 3 programmable zones that you can easily control using the software. One is in the logo, the second is in the scroll wheel, and the third one is underneath the mouse.

Lenovo Legion Software

The Lenovo Legion Software is minimalistic and user-friendly. You can configure your mouse to hold 3 different of profiles. By using the software, you can easily configure the features of the mouse like the lighting, the action you want to do with your mouse like macro, or media control, and performance of the mouse like the DPI and polling rate. Besides the configuration that you can make in the software for your mouse, you can also surface tune your mouse for enhance and optimize it for use on your specific surface.

Final Thoughts

The Lenovo M500 RGB Gaming Mouse is a unique gaming mouse. It gives gamers an option for an ergonomic mouse that’s easy to adjust to. The main concern for ergonomic layout mice is adjustment time – it adds to the list of things that a user has to adjust to on top of the weight and other internals of the mice. However, with this one – the concept of an ergonomic mouse was housed in a more familiar chassis making adjustment a more smoother process.

The build of the mouse is solid. The textured grip, thin braided cabling, and the internals used are from cheap. The removable weight lacks customization due having a “all or nothing” scheme where it only holds a one piece weight. The SRP of the mouse is PHP 2,995.


  • Smart cable braiding prevents easy tethering
  • Ergonomic layout sitting on top of a recognizable body makes adjustment a little more bearable
  • Reaches out to the High DPI market as the sensor can boast up to 16,000 dpi


  • 1 Weight Option[[

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