Walking with your Fingertips: Integrating Deliveries and Logistics Know-How during Crisis

April 17, 2020 0 By Seth Francisco Capili

Even though the lockdown and quarantine measures are announced earlier than their effective dates, it’s not easy adjusting to the road ahead.

The public won’t be used to staying put on their homes as the world around them revolves even at a standstill of general services.

Thankfully, being a well versed logistics enthusiast – I have explored many ways on how to walk around the quarantine without physically endangering yourself to the outside world – through deliveries.

Logistics in these trying times are not simply getting an app to work but rather choosing the correct applications for the job.

Turning to regular same day delivery services

On normal days, it’s pretty hard to distinguish the difference between delivery apps as they essentially do the same thing albeit different pricing schemes.

However, when you slow down the pace of everyday life – it’s actually easier to choose what applications specialize on.

I would highly recommend Grab, Joyride, Angkas, Lalamove for same day deliveries.

Grab Express

Great all around application for same day deliveries, pricing is on the middle end side and the cashless feature is awesome for an added layer of protection against possible contamination.

Grab Express is a good all around option for deliveries as they have insulated boxes and also a proven record.

GrabExpress is good for regular deliveries of any product as long as the booking comes in before 6pm. It seems like that it’s near impossible to get a rider after 6pm or 5pm.

Joyride and Angkas

These applications originally meant for motorcycle taxi services have expanded to deliveries. It’s quite sad that Angkas have limited their deliveries to 10km. But at the same time, a good initiative to protect its riders in these trying times.

Joyride has been a lifesaver for the most part of the quarantine.

There’s always a 4 in 5 chance that I’ll be able to book a rider from Joyride when I confirm a booking. There are just some issues with Joyride that everyone should take note before you consider it as an option.

Their application although working still faces weird farts in the system. There are times that the GPS doesn’t work, and sometimes when I have a booking confirmed it won’t show the details unless you restart the app.

There’s an annoying quirk in the application of being unable to pin a location and being limited to what you can search.

Joyride and Angkas share the same flaw of having a higher price range as they’re still basing off the prices from the motorcycle taxi tables which doesn’t make sense since delivery of items are way different from riding with another person.

It is worth noting that the prices are relatively low as I’ve took these screenshots at the middle of the day but it compares poorly on peak times

As much as 70 – 150 pesos is the price difference between these 2 apps and other apps such as Grab and Lalamove.


has the lowest prices from all the possible shipping applications and they’re also very flexible with vehicle options! As a shipping service – they don’t have to ride along prices between shipping items or people.

The motorcycle delivery service is good with a lot of options such as cash on delivery setups, queuing service, and even scheduled bookings.

The only flaw I have for Lalamove is that it’s kind of hard to book at times. The amount of times I’ve cancelled a booking is too high to the point that I give up on the first 3 tries. They are however good for advanced bookings and their MPVs.

Food Logistics

Grabfood, Foodpanda, Lalafood are the main applications I’ve tried and they have their differences and benefits.


As an option from Grab is great as their application has seen changes from it’s first release. They’re good as their calibration with maps and GPS are on point and works with the same bookmarks as your Grab directory. I also would like to take note of their punctuality on the deliveries.

I hate how the pricing in Grabfood builds up the price so fast.

Grabfood deals are bad compared to coupons and deals from Foodpanda and Lalafood.

Also, I only had cancellations with Grabfood – something I didn’t experience with the other applications.


is the cream of the crop or better yet the mogul of the food delivery service in the Philippines. From free delivery fees to additional good deals and bundles in some stores. They really aim to complete their image even during the time of crisis. One other feature that Foodpanda completes their convenience image are card transactions and the ability to order in advance. Which is good when you want to order breakfast ahead of time.


The new contender in the food delivery world. They’re actually abundant on discounts and is quite heavy on the marketing side. However, they have a limited operation area (Metro Manila) and it’s kind of limited in the food option department as well.

Lalamove Hacks

Lalamove is the only application in our list that stands purely with intention of being a courier.

In this time, they are the only entity that kept most services up and thriving to the point that the demand is too high.

Here some tips to maximize the use of Lalamove and get the most out of your money.

Lalamove is best for shipping of items in a schedule

Lalamove suffers from lack of response when trying to book for a same day shipping booking. However, they do great when you do it in advance. The golden rule and proven method for me is to have it booked a day in advance.

Lalamove is great for shipping items within great distances

When I say great, I mean cost effective wise and area of operation wise. Lalamove did not reduce their operation area during the quarantine. It’s still best to book these in advance. I was able to ship items from Makati to Bacoor or Laguna in less than 300 pesos.

Lalamove MPV is a great alternative to GrabCar when doing groceries

Sometimes it’s rather hard to carry groceries home due to the amount we buy during quarantine. We usually buy amounts that will be enough to last us a couple of days.

As many know – during quarantine, all modes of transportation has ceased and that includes private taxis and applications. Lalamove MPV is intended for delivery of larger or heavier items and you can hop in as well.

Not everyone has the luxury of a vehicle and Lalamove’s MPV option is an answer to people doing supply runs.

It is also important to remember that the MPV rates are more expensive than the usual GrabCar because most MPVs are SUVs. This was handy when I went to do groceries and it was impossible to carry everything and walk back to my condo.

The Logistics A-Game is the Digital Highway

Integrating delivery and supply logistics to everyday life can certainly bring wonders. Use all of the applications carefully for maximum efficiency. You don’t need to meddle with the quarantine when you can let your fingertips do the walking.