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The Banggood Experience

We all are fans of convenience – Lazada, Amazon, Shoppee, and other sites aid us in this time of digital accessibility where we make the internet do all the walking.

Today, we’d like to share our experience with Banggood – a site similar to Alibaba which has gained some attention a couple of weeks back.

Banggood shines as a site that offers a huge catalogue of electronic parts – there is actually a separate Banggood site for clothes. Geek stuffs are the main products but the site also has access to more forgiving tech stuff such as consumer grade peripherals.

Our goal was to explore the cash on deliver option with Banggood as upon recommendation by some of our colleagues – they only used the usual shipping method that required them to pay for the item before it’s shipped. This regular shipping option also required them to pickup the item on the nearest post office which was kind of a hassle these days.

Cash on Delivery is a huge chunk of logistics these days – well for the Philippines it is, and it’s an added option for buyers – more options = better for buyers. Banggood has its items shipping out of China and item shipping will still vary depending on how you would follow-up on each order.

We ordered a keyboard and some pretty keycaps to go with it – There’s a huge selection of coupons you can use and also free shipping that comes into play when you purchase an X amount of items – but you still have to pay a small amount for shipping insurance.

Follow up your order as much as you want – We can’t stress enough on this tip as processing and having your item for shipping doesn’t take too long; it only takes like around 2-3 days before your item is shipped. so if there is no updates in a span of a week start hitting up their chat support (which I highly recommend as it’s very convenient).

We ran into some problems with my order – as apparently if I didn’t follow up my order they wouldn’t know that the switch I chose for my keyboard was out of stock – but once I said to go with the red switches it was immediately shipped the day after.


The shipping of the item and the arrival of the item was quite fast in all honesty. my order was shipped at April 3 and arrived at April 8 which was a little less of a week.

Tracking of your shipping isn’t made on the site itself (tried it and it doesn’t work) you have to use external shipping tracking sites for this one – We also found out that their COD courier in the Philippines was NinjaVan which made tracking easier as it can be tracked on the NinjaVan site itself.

I only had one slight problem with the shipping. the box looked kind of stressed during the shipping – but the items were okay nevertheless.

We’d highly recommend buying off Banggood – especially if you need small electronic parts. the site surprisingly has those small pieces that are usually isn’t available on other sites. This site is also a treasure trove for keyboard enthusiasts having small keyboard knickknacks available for purchase.


Seth Francisco Capili
Seth is a marketing and business professional by choice - a tech enthusiast and writer by birth. Back from the brink of almost disconnecting with his technological side; Seth reunites with his technological persona through writing and managing a business around computers. With a knack for interacting with people and machine - Seth spearheads the social media management and content writing efforts of GGWPTECH. "In search of darkness, Never bring light - In search of Sethan, Google @ItzYaBoiSethan"

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