5 Tech Tasks To-Do List While on Quarantine

March 26, 2020 0 By Seth Francisco Capili

We all have forgotten or are too tired to even think about some tasks regarding our computers and tech at home on regular days. We all have been at that state where we have our routine days and just drop to rest mode when we get home from our work or even jump into games and hobbies while skipping some maintenance stuff.

Now that there’s a huge chance you’re home because of the quarantine from COVID-19; you can get most of these tech tasks done before the end of the quarantine – that you’ll probably forget again once the daily routine comes back into place.

1. Tech-Cleaning

On top of wear and tear, tech equipment also get dirty and often left uncleaned. Peripherals sometimes get the brush but the ol’ PC rig looks tiring to clean thus creating build up of dust leading to temperature spikes.

An appointment with the air blower or the compressed air can be treated as “preventive maintenance” and can help your PC in the long run as you protect its components from temperatures that hastens wear and tear or worse in some components like the storage drives – high temperatures can lead to the breakdown of some components.

For peripherals that are slowly getting a bit of dirt and dust, a brush would do fine and a clean swab of high percentage alcohol for a faster dry time.

2. File Sorting

There’s nothing wrong with keeping files but it’ll be harder in the future to sort out once you have storage devices filled to the top with random files.

Take the precious time to sort old downloaded and irrelevant files. You’ll be surprised how much you can free up from your drives by clearing old files. You can even create an extra step into sorting by uninstalling old applications.

File sorting is relevant in line with upcoming releases and the latest updates to games from previous weeks. Creating backups for the more important files is also an additional step to file sorting and can save you from trouble where your main drive can fail you.

3. Fine tuning your CPU and GPU

Quarantine can be boring and can dull out your brain easily – Learning how to squeeze the most performance from 2 major components in your PC can do wonders in the long run.

You’ll have enough time to do trial and error, learning the basics, and gauging temperature balance with your overclocks and configurations in your PC.

4. Cable Management

In terms of cable management – We’re just not talking about the cables inside the PC rig but also the ones outside it. Imagine the amount of peripherals you change or the amount of stuff you plug in and out of your outlets and of course you tend to skip arranging the cables in the past just to have it plugged the soonest you bought it.

Using cable ties and properly routing your cables behind your monitors and desk can ultimately clean your setup and free it from clutter. A clutter free setup can also prevent dust build up by lessening the places where dust can latch on and build up.

Fixing the outlet cables can save you a lot of space where you can store more items and most importantly save you from heating when all outlets are actively supplying power.

5. Checking your Inventory

Your tech upkeep can be filled with useless cables and other miscellaneous items that you won’t need asap – a lot of tech enthusiasts also keep boxes for display and warranty purposes. The purpose of checking your inventory is rearrangement and putting what you can use in an accessible place and stuff that you don’t need out of the window.

Outdated cables can be useful in a rare basis but with this it’s enough to just keep one. Cables which are more feasible to use in our times are more space worthy to keep thus better sorting your inventory.

Screws are also useful – I’d advice having your own container for screws rather than just leaving them inside the boxes. This will provide an easier way to sort them and also better accessibility.

Keep your Mind Awake

With everything going on during this crucial moments of public health and safety, it’s important to keep your mind awake and be active in seeking updates about the situation. These tech related tasks will not only keep you awake but also improve your tech at home to further aid you in these isolated times where news is important and should be a priority.

Stay Safe! – From the GGWPTECH team