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Gigabyte Launches Their Compact Size Power Supplies

Gigabyte Technology Co. limited is a world-renowned and leading manufacturer of motherboards, gaming gears, and graphic designs. On 12th June 2020, the Gigabyte has announced three latest compact designed power supplies, i.e., P750GM, P550B, and 450WB.

The new supplies have come to improve the new circuit designs with aided with high-quality materials. And due to the latest power supplies, performance and stability have also been improved. The newly launched power supplies are more suitable for the installation.

P750 GM 750 provides power supply of 750 watts needed for high ended graphic cards and CPU. The amount will let the gamers to enjoy the graphic-intensive games without any worry of power supply. The main capacitors of P750 GM are manufactured in Japan.

P550 and P450 provide a power supply of 550 and 450 watts, respectively. They provide maximum conversion efficiency of more than 80% and can receive 80 PLUS Bronze Certification. They are the best option to save money with less noise pollution.

About Gigabyte

Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd is present in Taipei, Taiwan. It is the leading brand of the IT industry and has branch offices in more than 24 countries.

Gigabyte was founded in 1986 and started a journey as a small research and development team. And later on, the company took the top position among the world’s best motherboard manufacturers.

And now, Gigabytes also manufactures notebooks, networking products, mobile phones, desktop PCs, and many more. Well, yet the journey is not over.

The newly launched supplies assure the current and voltage protection for an extended period. Now users can enjoy the high-level games without any wattage disturbance.

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