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STUDIO TOUR | We are Ubisoft: One expanding game developer, three floors, and a hundred think tanks.

One expanding game developer, three floors, and a hundred think tanks.

You guessed it right – AAA giant Ubisoft has now moved from the 2 rooms in Milagros building in DLSU Laguna branch to their own 3 floor building still inside the campus.

As the plans for expansion was laid out and the necessary need for space to keep the 100 man machine running was evident. They have occupied and established a 3 floor building still within the DLSU Laguna campus. 2000 sq meters, 3 floors, 17 meeting rooms, and a coffee machine for each floor – Ubisoft Philippines has finally established a long term studio ready to fit 200 employees and even more if it needs be as per the words of Chip Go.

Ubisoft Philippines being the second production hub in SEA – partnered with Ubisoft Singapore. The studio has already co-developed known Ubisoft known titles such as Assassins Creed: Origins, The Crew 2, For Honor, Assassins Creed: Odessey, and will be even developing a new game with Ubisoft Singapore; Skull and Bones. Ubisoft Philippines means serious business as they mentioned that current game developers of their studio doesn’t only develop games but they continuously develop themselves in the long run – revealing that they send employees out of the country for training and vice versa by bringing in experts and other more experienced people to train in the PH studio itself.

First floor lobby
top view of the first floor lobby


Upon entering the studio from the receiving lobby, right off the bat you can sense the modern industrialized design and feel of the studio. And upon entering the interior of the studio, you yourself can feel the values and how Ubisoft see their employees.

2nd floor office area

Ubisoft value people, and this means everyone – their employees, their gamers, and the people in the future that will be working for them. The design of the studio was made possible by Duke Sage and from his words mentioned the two main concept for the building; Approachability and Trust.

2nd floor office area

Sporting an open office layout – no partitions and an open environment to better bridge top management with the main workforce of the company. Break times are even flexible and use of breakout lounges were not restricted as they value trust between their employees to get the job done even with the amenities set inside the studio.

2nd floor office area

The 3 floors of the studio were conceptualized to mirror the Philippines itself. The first floor being Luzon, has been designed to be “bricks and cement” a heavier emphasis of the industrialized design to mirror old manila and the great walls of Intramuros.

2nd floor office area


The second floor is Visayas, rockin the colors and fun that it was known for – this floor was packed but it was less of the industrialized Luzon floor, It has a mid century modern feel to it. This floor also had the top part of the slide leading to the first floor.

3rd floor office area
3rd floor office area game station
3rd floor office area

The third floor or the Mindanao floor – holding the title of cool and historical characters of Ubisoft. A hybrid of Industrialized and minimalist design – we can see that this is the floor that Ubisoft Philippines is planning to expand their workforce in as we see a huge amount of unoccupied tables and space in the majority of the floor.

Roof deck

The building also has a rooftop to hold company events and even BBQs – for me, the best feature of the rooftop was the view – it featured the calm space and greenery around the studio and we were even told that on non cloudy evenings Makati lights is visible on the horizon and even the mountains were clearly visible. Oh and hey we found easter eggs on the roof in the form of sprays.

Easter eggs

We took the very steep and smooth slide down first floor too, and that was one of the steepest slides I have ever seen – For good employees, salaries and benefits ain’t enough to make them stay but rather a good old fashioned slide will.

giant slide inside their studio that’s used for going between floors

DLSU Laguna and Ubisoft Philippines’ partnership was the main catalyst of everything that is now anchored in place for success. Ubisoft isn’t just partnered with DLSU but they are structured with it revealing that Ubisoft employees teach part-time and even full-time in the campus.

The 2 giants are geared towards providing a clear path for education through the course BS Interactive Entertainment – it was also revealed that this prospect was not limited to DLSU Laguna but will also be available in DLSU Manila and will be also revealing other game development courses  but is still on the works.

Pantry area

As of now there are 50 confirmed students of the BS in Interactive Entertainment project. DLSU Laguna has mentioned that this concept will not be limited to Ubisoft but they are also in contact with other companies to have them “inside the campus” like what Ubi PH has kickstarted.

Pantry area

Surprisingly, even only being able to establish a long term studio lately and being 2 years old here in the PH – Ubisoft has already been paying it forward through supporting and partnering with Passerelles Numeriques, a French NGO that is providing IT training to underprivileged kids in Cebu and being able to break the cycle of poverty. Ubisoft has since sponsored 10 students under the program with the French NGO.

Ubisoft PH has laid down a long term plan to develop and co-partner with Ubisoft Singapore for AAA games in the future – but in the long run, they are also looking forward in tapping to the other elements of the industry which is Esports. We have raised this question to the panel and they mentioned it was too early to say but communications have confirmed that Ubisoft is looking towards to the esports scene in SEA itself and a future event is highly possible. R6 Invitational, maybe?

Oh big thanks to Ubisoft Philippines for the real life Alpha Packs – I finally got something that’s not a dupe or a common. Adorable charms ain’t it?


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