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Holiday Watch: Rainbow Six Early Holidays and Starter Guide

Rainbow Six: Siege, one of the best running FPS games to date is on its usual season-end sale and free weekend period that just finished last weekend. R6 decided to show the holiday spirit early and lined it up with a new season starting.

Take our expert advise upon buying your choice of edition as at this stage, the savings pretty much closes the gaps between editions.  – Ubisoft’s official FAQ page will further help us on these questions

Starter edition, not worth it?

Generally speaking, the only worth editions buying is the Standard, Gold, or Complete edition.

However, if you’re a Siege player from a different platform and already have some experience in the game – The Starter is a good option as you already know which operators to buy and doesn’t need to keep a full pool of operators (this is the edition I bought way back and the extra time to get other ops didn’t bother me too much)

Good Old, Standard

If you’re a new player, consider getting the Standard edition – The price is good and there is no additional catch and you get all the base operators to use.

If you get the Starter edition, you only get a limited pool of operators at the start and will have to unlock the other base operators using in-game credits (you don’t have to pay but the amount of time you need to farm those credits are kind of annoying especially if you’re just starting out)

Gold and Complete Edition

The Gold edition and Complete edition are worth checking out also as you get the Year 3 pass with both on top of the base operators unlocked. The year 3 pass puts you in a VIP status which gives you one week early access to the new ops per season this year 3, 10% discount on everything in the shop, 5% renown boost, and a 0.3% Alpha pack boost. Do note the year 3 pass expires on Jan 21 2019.

The Complete edition includes also the year 1 and year 2 Operators in the mix. Year 1 operators are utility heavy, while the Year 2 operators have good guns (this is only within my opinion upon playing these operators for some time)

So in conclusion, within this Rainbow Six: Siege sale that lasts up to November 28 – Standard, Gold, and Advanced editions are must buys.

If you already own the base game, the Year 3 pass standalone is also in sale – 30% off is also a good buy on its own.

Quick Starting Tips

You will fail a lot – Do not let failure tilt you too much, the game was designed to have a steep learning curve. Personally it took me a year since launch to play fluidly and even after that, I was still continuously.

Stick to 2 attackers and defenders at the start and explore the other operators once you get a base feel of the game – When you’re starting off it’s okay to get a feel of most operators but when you’re ready to learn the game stick to 2 attackers and 2 defenders then just go at it. Your play style itself will let you know if you’re ready to explore the game more.

Leaning – Use the lean feature fluidly together with movement keys especially in gunfights. This will take time getting used to but will win you more gunfights in the long run.

Vertical gameplay – Always remember that the game features an immeasurable amount of angles you can create to engage your enemies. Learn basic angles especially floors that usually oversee a high traffic area.

Hesitation – You’ll 100% lose a firefight you won’t engage in. If you know where you’re enemies are and you know you can win a gunfight, never hesitate in gunfights, the second you hesitate, is the moment you’ll most probably choke a fight.

Sound – While learning the basics, it’s also good to learn the different sounds of the game such as the sound of a shield operator, the sound of rappelling, and the sound of footsteps on different surfaces.

Connectors – Never reinforce walls between 2 bomb sites, if you have a shotgun or an impact grenade, listen to your teammates on where to make connectors between points. Leave a friendly Mira alone unless they’re asking a reinforcement.

Trial by Fire –  This is a method best used when you have a base feel of the game (cause you can go ranked once you reach level 20). GO PLAY RANKED. This the best way to force yourself to play better.

Theoretically speaking, Ranked is best with a team – However, try playing ranked solo in some sessions to grab a sense of responsibility. There are a lot of tactics you’ll learn from ranked level of play at the same time.

People also new to Rainbow Six Siege

These are some streamers relatively new to the game but slowly making good progress. Some of them also adopted the “Trial by Fire” tip


Ira James



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