Geforce Cup 2018: The Battle Royale for the next SEA Contender

Imagine 17 squads coming from different qualifiers and battling out to represent the country in the Southeast Asia leg of a Geforce tournament? This was just the first factor mixed with some drama and backstories circulating these teams coupled with the pressure of the intense squad battles they were about to embark upon on that day.

TNC Highgrounds in Tomas Morato is one of the most iconic and capable events venue to hold any esports event in general. I’d say it’s an understatement to mention the place to scream the gamer vibe – but the whole architectural and plot of the place coupled with smart placement of furniture and different designated play areas makes the place more than just a premium esports Café.
The standing of PUBG in general isn’t the best but the amount of effort made into place for esports integration makes up for it. The game has already took some hits on the player count lately – but the esports scene grew significantly. They made this evident with updates for the spectating side of the game. We spoke to Nvidia’s manager to confirm that as a bare game they rated PUBG as being 5/10 in the Esports scale – however, with all the support and events that sparked the scene It can easily pass as an 8.5/10.
We have 17 teams from 3 different qualifiers – however, most of these teams know each other. There are some dramas here and there but all of them being a good bunch of people from all walks of life (I have to give props to the organizers for formulating the 3 way qualifiers).
The event itself was well organized and the flow of matches went smoothly even with the small matchmaking glitches that forced the organizer to relobby the players (This is a key factor to see how great the organizer were at anticipating the inevitable)
First Match
The first match started at 12pm and ended around 12:50pm (Around an hour) with the Ronins taking the chicken. They were actually surprised with the win as they usually are the comeback team which does work in the middle matches – they mentioned it was a good start and communication was the key in the match. They’re drive to win is to be exposed internationally and representing the country is good for the team in general
Second Match
The second match got into some problems and restarted their lobby due to some players who weren’t able to connect. The match lasted around an hour from 1:55pm to 2:50pm. The winners are the 3 man squad of Bosons.NimoTV. this match was special due to the last circle having both Ronin and TNC 5peaks alive. The Bosons were outmanned but never outgunned – they mentioned that playing passively, connecting callouts, and proper teamwork was the key to their win despite being a man down against other squads. They we’re fighting more eagerly through the motivation of representing their teammate who wasn’t able to participate due to schedule conflicts. A true symbol of camaraderie
Third Match
The pace was slowly picking up as the third match was started just straight after the end of the second match and finished a little less than an hour. The winner of the 3rd match was Team Vortex. This was an iconic win due to the running rumors and drama in the community that Vortex were cheaters and to prove everyone that they were legitimately good players who just played safe and passively with the circle.
Fourth Match
The fourth match was the transition of energy in the whole place to a bit heartstopping as it was everyone’s game. The winners of the 4th matchup, Ascension was a bit different from the other teams who played more passively – they mentioned that playing by the middle of the circle and surveying the area helped bag the win for their team
Fifth Match
By the time of the fifth match – everyone was visibly exhausted. I’ve been part of a PUBG tourney before and all I can say that it was draining both mentally and physically; so I can tell that the players on this tourney are possibly circling around that level of energy. Despite that, the energy of the audience was still greatly pumping and just rose to greater heights. The winner of the 5th match was Ronin with their second chicken dinner. But on this last matchup they went back to basics by leaning towards having a balance of aggressive play and passive aggression. They mentioned that it was really important for them to prove something in the event to also attract would be sponsors.
The following top teams took their places
ArkAngel – 1665
DOGZ – 1915
RONIN – 1975
Ascension – 2170
Ascension took the title and the privilege to represent the Philippines in the Geforce SEA cup – The experience was absolutely emotional for the team and they mentioned that they we’re hyped at the same time thankful for the match – They also mentioned to double their practice efforts in preparation for the SEA cup and ultimately thankful for all the supporters they have and is honored to fight with the Philippine flag.
We had a little bit of talk with Charles Liu, the Esports Manager of Nvidia after the matches to discuss the current standing of the Esports industry in our country
“What’s the most annoying and challenging thing you encountered in the history of managing an esports event here in PH?”
– Logistics, and that isn’t limited to just the sheer amount of equipment needed but they mentioned that due to the setting of the Philippines where there are a lot of islands – rolling out an event in short notice, keeping on schedule, and flying people for a major event is a huge and tedious task in its own sense.

“What games do you see that has the most potential this coming months to 2019 for the Esports scene in SEA?”
– PUBG, was mentioned to remain as a good esports title to see in the coming months to 2019. Battlefield 5 is also a title that they are eyeing as its a geforce activated title and many people are anticipating.

“Are there new brands slowly leaning towards the esports scene much like what the other main leading brands are doing these days?”
– As a platform they are committed to work with all brands associated with them and that usually equates to the platform representing all the brands associated with it. So that means if the Nvidia brand leans the Esports industry – they take all the brands they work with to that path

“From a scale of 1-10, how will you rate PUBG as being an “Esports Ready” Title”
– Initially, the game alone is a 5. But they mentioned due to the spectator mode and esports mode readily available to host. It’s easily an 8.5. Lets also add the growing scene of the game these days

“Do you see Rainbow Six: Siege as a good game to support and start the esports scene in the country?”
– Yes, coincidentally, they we’re actually talking about it prior to the interview about starting it small within the community. They noted that the game was in-depth; the game being easy to get into but hard to master as explained by it steep learning curve. Currently, Ubisoft is handling the esports scene well with their leagues but for now Nvidia is working out the details on how to start their own league for the game
Geforce Cup 2018 is a real eyeopener on top of the huge display of PUBG as an Esports title. But further to that we have some clues on what to expect from Nvidia in the industry – We might even see new games and titles with the community popping out.


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