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Cubizone 10th Year Anniversary Community Blowout

Celebrating its 10th year in the gaming industry – The Cubizone community blowout was held last May 31, 2019 at Marco Polo Ortigas, Pasay City.

The event was filled with gaming industry partners, friends, and members of the community; It was a fun night where tons of games and activities were shared. People who went also had the chance to participate in challenges that were set

Mia Online Announcements

Besides the games and prizes that was given away on the event. They also announced some new content for Mia Online where new game content called the “Raya Patch” update and other Level 90 Updates are to be expected. Also holding a cover contest of the OST “Empire” titled “MIA ONLINE IDOL: Empire Cover Competition” that the mechanics are to be announced soon in their Facebook page.

Cubizone Upcoming Game

Triple Chain! A new game that is a fusion of both puzzle and hero collection. After concluding it’s Alpha-Test, Cubizone is excited to share that Triple Chain – a strategy puzzle RPG will be released soon in the same year.

It was a funfilled night. Looking back from its previous released games–Casvian, Forbidden Kingdom, Final Combat, Forsaken World, Music Man, 9Yin, Love Dance, Dragon Samurai, and many more to name a few. It’s been a long journey for Cubizone.

The Cubizone Community Blowout was not just a celebration but it was a way to say thank you and give back to the community in the gaming industry, and to players for all their support. Cubizone is grateful for achieving 10 years – and counting in the gaming industry.

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