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The First Cybersecurity Academy Program with Asia Pacific College and Palo Alto

In collaboration with Palo Alto, a global leader in Cybersecurity. Asia Pacific College launches the first Cybersecurity academy program in the Philippines. Apart from opening up the resources needed to nurture the next generation cybersecurity workforce in the country – They also aim to spearhead the development of the career path with other institutions.

Cybersecurity in 2020

Palo Alto and APC’s effort to create a sandbox in which they dedicate the learning process of Cybersecurity to a more hands-on approach is a perfect way to extend the learnings of every program batch to a more definitive level and not be confined with just a regular classroom setting.

Palo Alto believes that Cybersecurity. much like other IT related matters are better learned within experience and real-world applications. This is where the sandbox was created to simulate real world cyber attacks and skirmishes to better understand theories and procedures.

APC is set to open its doors for the cybersecurity courses at February of 2020. As what they mentioned, the courses will not only cater to the IT related programs but to other fields such as Management, Multimedia, and Engineering to further reinforce the idea that Cybersecurity does not only lie with the related department but to the whole organization and its infrastructure.

Tackling the Demand

The specific demand for a workforce to drive cybersecurity is quite high. basing off job offers with requirements of IT experience of not less than 5 years. The reason for such is there is really no formal and specific Cybersecurity degree program and employers would need to reply on sheer experience from the IT field.

This is a demand that is a double edged sword – You can have a huge amount of experience working in IT but may not encountered or specialize in Cybersecurity. The program that APC aims to offer will help all the fresh talent as well as older experienced IT vets to take a shot of Cybersecurity and all it’s specifics. After all, Cybersecurity is a huge topic in our economy’s landscape as more and more systems become more automated and data being more accessible by the cloud.

What’s Next?

The whole news about unveiling the Cybersecurity program and facilities is already huge. But what’s next? We now know that it’s possible and it’s coming but what’s the next step in progressing the Cybersecurity landscape of the country?

A couple of answers were made by both APC and Palo Alto. One of them being that the institution would be constantly updating the currculum as they are also aware that technology is fast moving and innovations can happen overnight which deserves enough attention to update standing courses.

Secondly, as APC is the foundation of formal Cybersecurity learning – they are also looking forward in bringing this learning program to other institutions but will prioritize their sister organizations such as NU and working closely with CHED in giving prioritization within the sectors that need it.

Lastly, GGWPTECH have asked a question that aims to cover Cyberdefense. The whole introduction mentioned enterprise and general learning – which made me think what about the Cyberdefense capabilities of the country’s armed forces against electronic warfare?

Palo Alto has reiterated that Cyberdefense will be related to the higher subjects along the course but that will be within the choice of the program takers if they will proceed to the higher levels. This answer also reinforces the idea that Palo Alto and APC are taking this program into constant development for further suitability in the future.

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