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XSplit Workshop Event – Crash Course in Content Creation

For someone who has been using OBS her entire life, XSplit is like a foreign entity to me. Looking at the interface makes me wonder how complicated this software is in comparison to OBS; I tried it once, but I decided to stick to OBS just because I had no proper knowledge about XSplit. Luckily, we got invited to the XSplit workshop where they have discussed the usage and new features of the upcoming update and a little discussion with fellow content creators.

PTR Features for Convenience

In the XSplit Public Test Release, they have showcased so many new updates and elaborated each one in detail. My favourite one would be the transforming feature, where you can adjust your sources in 3D! I find it pretty cool, to be honest since it gives a dynamic feel to your stream. It works with any sources like a video or a still image.

They also have the new XSplit Express Video Editor. It’s a simple editing tool to make videos or clips from your stream or recording. They also have stream markers which make it easier for you to edit your clips.

Another is their updates for streamers. They have fully integrated with Twitch and Facebook. There’s also an in-game overlay for stream controls and settings, making it convenient for single-monitor users. They also have enabled Macros, Workspace, and Stinger transition creator!

Similar to Profiles in OBS, they finally have a Presentation Packager. It’s a feature where you’re able to save your XSplit settings into a file and bring it wherever you go. If ever you’ll need it, all you had to do is load it back in. 

They have preset for transitions now too, and it’s pretty cool, to be honest. This feature gives you an ability to make an action within a scene, like switching the positions of 2 sources. Pretty neat. 

Here’s a list of all the other updates:

  • Per Scene Audio
  • Projector Playout
  • NDI Support with NDI Camera
  • Camera Features

Streaming with XSplit

We were able to juice out advice from them in terms of creating content with XSplit.

  • Get a streaming PC or upgrade.
  • Use lower presets like a medium on x264
  • Don’t go for 1080p if you’re going to stream on Twitch. Stick with 720p or it will be a waste. On a different platform, make your bitrate as high as you can.
  • Use NVENC H.264
  • Keep sources in memory for faster load time.
  • Use macros if you want to do multiple tasks like starting a recording and a live stream.
  • If you want to save your live stream, just go into settings and check Automatically save the recording on Local Drive.
  • Check out Launch Portal from Stream Deck-like applications.

Want to learn more about XSplit? You may click here.

Content Creation Thoughts

The next half of the workshop was the content creators sharing their experiences and knowledge with us. JM Aranda taught us his basic editing techniques, and DextyMN shared his thoughts about the current state of content creation and his passion in this field.

“Marami na ang nag Stream to Pay, pero itataguyod natin ang Stream for Play.”
Quoted by Ms. Jaq from Playpark as she discussed about Playpark’s new projects. 

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