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The Holiday Spirit with MSI: Year-End Dragon Army Gathering

“MSI was one of the brands that really knew how to say thank you – and even with a simple event, they made everyone involved appreciated.”

The MSI year-end dragon army gathering was held in the Gariath Concepts studio in Eastwood – The place was great with a modern industrial chiq it was going for; spacious but efficient.

The event was littered by many personalities and media people – but MSI never skipped on making everyone feel appreciated; somehow it wasn’t just about the brand on that event but it was everyone around it.

There was an open mini bar at the entrance of the main event room and the buffet was great – Several MSI products was displayed including those partnered with the brand itself.

MSI presented a short presentation of all the achievements and milestones it reached with the end of 2018 fast approaching. A huge year for their laptops and even a bigger year for the brand in terms of market interaction. Their presentation never skipped thanking everyone every slide, including the other brands that partnered with them.

Giveaways and Raffles filled the evening and the holiday spirit was just filling the place with good vibes from everyone. The night ended with a show match of Project Xandata that was open for everyone – The GGWPtech team decided to join in for some fun !

Project Xandata is a shooter game with elements that resembles Destiny and other class based shooters – but it felt something new. The game does need more work but the base game is playable in its current form. It was a while since I played fast paced shooters but the game was a refresher to why I played those games in the first place – We really hope that they release the game soon.

The GGWPtech team along with Haoson from DaGeeks bagged the win on the show match – and MSI even had some freebies for the win.


Seth Francisco Capili
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