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King of the Hill: Philippine Overwatch Team Launch Party 2019

The Philippine Team for the Overwatch World Cup had their official launch at the 20th day of August, 2019. The launch was held at Game Over PH, Xavierville Avenue, Quezon City.

The team is under Bren Esports. With a few questions – They were asked about what team would be the most challenging or exciting to go against with, and they replied that it was going to be Team Singapore for the reason that they are were known to be friendly rivals.

                One of the few reasons why most professional teams struggles or encounter bad performance is because of little to non-existent proper time management – some rosters of different aspiring professional teams are occupied with people who are studying and working.

When it comes to our Philippine Team, The management team ensured a good schedule for their practice hours, despite some of them under equal responsibilities.

The team also shared their stories about why they kept playing Overwatch even though that most people would call it as a “dead game” before becoming the representatives for the World Cup; some stopped because they got bored of the game, others just made a way to not get bored with the game by playing other ones, But they do all agree that it’s like there’s a hook that grabs them to play the game and enjoy it. It was a great opportunity to know our team that’ll represent the country for the Overwatch World Cup.

                After knowing the team, the Blizzard fans’ knowledge about Blizzard’s famous games were tested. The event was also a Game night for Blizzard fans, there were five rounds with a variety of questions each round.

There were boards given to the guests, and they were very creative with their team names. The games per round were Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, and Overwatch; there were a lot of screaming. Despite the rainy night and heavy traffic, it was a night filled with fun and excitement for the Blizzard Fans that attended the event. The Philippine team deserves our great support for the upcoming Overwatch World Cup on the 1st day of November, 2019.

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