EVENT | MSI Content Creation Laptop Launch: Why Thunderbolt is the Future

EVENT | MSI Content Creation Laptop Launch: Why Thunderbolt is the Future

September 28, 2019 0 By GGWPTech Editor

2019 as the year of the creators has got the brands breaking out their own offerings to the market. MSI Gaming had an extensive product lineup for the creators – Minimalist, Mobile, and Powerful are just the intro to the lineup.

Thunderbolt has been in the wild for quite a long time – and with several reasons related to mobility options for several features. The old flak resistant Apple knows how to make sleek options for workbooks and may have influenced the use of the Thunderbolt on creating a lineup dedicated to the creators which Apple have already grasped.

The event was a great way to see the Prestige 14 and 15 where you would normally see it in public – in lush quiet coffee shops where designers and hipsters would probably be. We’re also given a headsup that the model units in the event are engineering samples hence not having the Thunderbolt ports and other features available on the model out in the market.

Sadly, the Modern lineup (The lowest tier of the lineup) doesn’t carry Thunderbolt – which probably is done for cost savings as these are also a cheaper alternative while still being in the ranks of Creator laptops.

What’s worth buying?

The Creator and Prestige line both carries Thunderbolt. It makes more sense in the case of the Prestige (The mid tier) as it only comes with the GTX 1650 as the graphics card of choice – I had a talk with them and mentioned that the Thunderbolt makes storage and graphic options to be less constricted as NAS systems and GPU boxes can easily be connected if needed.

Pieces of hardware

The 10th generation Intel U type processors are also welcomed in the setup as it still carries the power to plow creator tasks while having controlled temps and power consumption towards the shrinked down 3-4 cell batteries of the product lineups.

Storage also made sense in this smaller space to work with for MSI. NVME options varying from 512GB to 1TB meant fast read and write while still having a low profile to work with the small form factor of the workbooks.