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EVENT | #IntoThe7nmEra with AMD – When Innovation Works

Without a doubt, AMD has been storming the headlines since it’s teasers and releases from Q1 and Q2 this 2019 – Innovation holds the means to break current boundaries of the market and after a huge period gives back the power to choose to the consumers.


The event was far from ordinary with a nightclub that held different iconic people from the tech and media industry; even the club’s name (CORE) felt like a reference to AMD’s success in having a step up on the number of cores it has on their processors.

This isn’t a simple product launch – this is the celebration of the elevation to a new era in technology. The sum of all what AMD has released so far and what’s next.

Several influencers from all industries were there to witness our entry to the 7nm Era. From the social media and gaming sector to the more technical area of reviewers, PC enthusiasts, and builders; If you have a big name you were there with AMD’s glory all around.

Hardware Eye-Candy

An event of this scale meant all major players and brands were there to showcase all of their AMD hardware and what’s to come. A couple of these brands stood out due to the expectations we set out post-Computex 2019.

From 5700s with stock and aftermarket coolers to full X570 lineups – Everyone brought out their big guns.

MSI with their top of the line boards and Sekira case, AORUS with their newly released boards matched with the PCIE 4.0 ecosystem NVMEs and X570s and their FPS centered KD monitor, ASUS ROG sporting their huge lineup of X570s and their own mammoth of a case – The Helios, AsRock finally making their mark in the market by mentioning to release 3 variants of their X570 to the market; personally I’d love to see more of their boards as I still have goosebumps from their showcase in Computex 2019, Sapphire with their own 5700 card sporting an aftermarket cooler and making it look absolutely stunning with Corsair’s chassis, Powercolor’s extreme Red Devil lineup makes a step into the 7nm game with their own 5700 cards sporting their well known branding on the GPU backplate, XFX had one of the more bulkier 5700s – the name “Fatboy” even seems like a homage to the first nukes used in the theater of war that will have their detonation anniversary later this week, lastly – we have QNAP; QNAP is an important brand due to having NAS modules with Ryzen processors which is a pretty cool way to bridge mass storage technology to the Ryzen computing game.

AMD for Everyone

AMD shares the giving spirit with it’s partners and supporters. The night ended with loads of giveaways and freebies both from the tables of brands and the center stage of the event.

From Ryzen processors, video cards, and even a whole PC rig was given away in the span of the program – all under the bright lights, music, and the air that gave way to the 7nm era.

Local Pricing:

Radeon RX 5700 series 57005700XT
SRP in PHP20,873.0024,461.00INC 12% TAX
  AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen Processor 3200G3400G36003600X3700X3800X3900X
SRP in PHP 5,900.00 9,275.00 12,250.0015,200.0020,500.0024,400.0031,000.00INC 12% TAX

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