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The Siege of Katipunan: R6 Siege Pro-Am Tourney

“I think one of the main propagators of increasing the skill level of a country’s playerbase is having an esports presence –  this also benefits even the bystanders in a way that they can take a lot of lessons from the local players in the scene.”

Rainbow Six: Siege is one of the few games that grew a lot even with its age – It’s esports elements has been regarded as somewhat increasingly active with very good reason. It’s playerbase has grew so much that there are actual dedicated players from other games shifting to the FPS game.

SEDNA in cooperation with Buzz Premium Internet Cafe Katipunan is holding a Pro-Am Rainbow Six Tournament this January 19.

This isn’t just a regular tourney, we have casters and 16 teams battling it out for a prize pool of 35,000 pesos along with some freebies from the partners.

Rainbow Six: Siege Philippine League?

GGWPTech is talking with SEDNA Esports in terms of the event being a kickoff tourney for whatever may come for the whole 2019. – much like the road map for every start of the year in the game. We have some promising people working on creating such a dream for the whole Philippine Rainbow Six Siege community as a whole.

This isn’t just creating an atmosphere for the community to grow but of course to increase the skillcap, playerbase, and also the reach of the game in the country itself. We already have a visible exposure increase of the game – judging from the handful of Filipino streamers playing the game and also a local PUBG community slowly leaning towards Rainbow Six: Siege.

The ESL Rules

With the goal to establish a solid Esports presence of the game – GGWPtech teamed up with SEDNA to decide on the rulesets and such of the tournament.

GGWPTech strongly insisted to adhere on the latest rules followed and set by ESL themselves.

Even with the small backlash from the community, the operator Lion will be banned to keep the tourney adhering to ESL standards.

Standard ESL rule sets would also be exercised on the tournament – One of the event partners who also sat with on the planning of the event has said:

“…you need to be strict and you don’t need to baby players since we’re trying to establish an esports scene of a game – and we’ll need to be formal with adhering to currently set rules from already existing parties that has set the standard for competitive play”

Get Buzz’d

The cafe where the event will be held is at Buzz Premium Internet Cafe Katipunan. Buzz actually has a lot of branches of the franchise but this was chosen due to its sheer size – The place looks formal, professional, and extremely decent.

Buzz actually is a decent iCafe adhering to standardized builds for each pc with each station having decent space making it comfortable to players who will most likely be bringing their own peripherals.

The organizers also mentioned that they have their own dedicated streaming and casting area which makes things interesting for the spectators/casters of the matches.

The Siege Community

We have some familiar names competing on the tourney but also we have some new teams present. This just goes to show that the playerbase really did grow enough to fill the 16 slots.

We have a handful of casters that will also be present in the event such as Sethan, Jopeth23, SneakyFrog Casts, Sulph, and Doxxxlang !!!

Are you ready to Siege the Day at Katipunan on January 19?

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