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Last January, SEDNA Esports organized an event titled “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege PRO-AM1 Lan Tournament”. Sixteen (16) Teams with Eighty (80) players battle their way to the top winning the grand prize of Twenty Thousand Pesos (20,000). The event took place at the Katipunan branch of the Buzz Premium Internet Café. If you are not very familiar around Katipunan, you might find it hard to go there. Just based from my experience, I encountered some players of the tournament who also lost finding their way to the venue, we asked some local officers about where we can find it, because our GPS were failing at that time.

By reaching the place, you can see their logo outside the establishment and it’s located at the 2nd floor. As I entered the place, you can feel the cold temperature – a sign that the shop isn’t compromising round the clock service with temperature control, because of the Air-conditioning inside. It was only like 8:30 in the morning and the venue was already filled with the teams that registered in the tournament and some were friends who were supporting the players.

There were also some streamers and casters present in the event, everyone was preparing their setups for the streams and lobbies. I can see how the Organizers were handling the tournament; they made sure that everything was ready. clean, and good to go before starting. The tournament started at around 10:00 in the morning, because we had to wait for the other teams to come and join the lobby for the first set of matches. The winning teams will go to the Winners’ Bracket, while the losing teams will go to the Losers’ Bracket, having their last chance to fight their way to the championship.

The intensity of roaring inside the venue was empowering to say the least, we felt the pressure and how sweaty situations that the players had just to win and pave their way to the top. There were some mixed emotions that I noticed; sadness, frustration, and happiness. Success and failure were seen, but, in the end, players were all enjoying the tournament.

There were some technical issues that occurred, and staff would quickly assist the players, where I give my thumbs up to the technical staff of the Buzz Internet Premium Café. The tournament may had some technical issues, but it was fixed smoothly fast, and ready to go.

While we were observing some matches, we can’t avoid getting hungry as the intense matches always had everyone on their toes. Which was no problem – because Buzz Premium Internet Café has a variety of food choices in their menu; my favorite was their version of the “Tapsilog” The combination of a Tapa, Egg, and Rice. You can actually smell how good their food, there were also a lot of choices for the drinks, and their staff were accommodating and very responsive when called.

Of course, we also experienced having back pains when leaning forward in front of the computer while we were hosting and casting matches, and that is where the Internet Café’s chair comes in, we loved the chair used in the venue, it was really soft like you can actually sleep on it, and their table has an elevated steel bar underneath where you can place your feet up to avoid any leg cramps and having the feeling of being cooped up.

At around 2:00 am in the morning, it was January 20, 2019 and everyone was tired and drained but the two (2) remaining teams were still filled with energy, eagerness and aggressiveness to win and be titled as the Champions. The teams were SURGE.R6 and INCENDIARY, the map was Clubhouse, both teams were just exchanging scores.

The time came where INCENDIARY became more aggressive and smoothly winning the following rounds, excitement was felt, and each player were roaring until the final round. The team INCENDIARY made their way to the top by defeating the team SURGE.R6, and crowned as the Champions of the tournament.



The tournament lasted from 9:00 am to 3:30 am, which was 18 and half hours. The top three (3) was named; SEDNA ESPORTS in the 3rd place, SURGE.R6 in 2nd place, and INCENDIARY in the 1st place. As the champions were crowned, the tournament has ended, leaving everyone with a great smile in their faces.

It was a great success for the Organizers, because they did so well in handling the tournament by being organized and responsive on technical issues and questions from the players, they have done it professionally, and we hope to be part of these kind of events in the future.

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