Global Mobile Esports Tournament “SWC 2019” Ended Successfully

Global Mobile Esports Tournament “SWC 2019” Ended Successfully

October 27, 2019 0 By GGWPTech Editor

On the 26th, (based on local time), SWC 2019 World Finals was held in Masion de la Mutualité in Paris, France. Over 1,500 spectators from France and all over Europe, visited the venue to watch the tournament. The Chinese representative player “L’EST” won and got the World Champion title.

SWC 2019 World Finals proved its global popularity and how the mobile esports is evolving with the highest record of 125 million views, which is about 10 times of the cumulative view counts from last year. The world finals was broadcasted in 15 different languages including English, Korean, French, German, Japanese and Chinese through YouTube, Twitch and other channels.

Moreover, the broadcasting video on the official Summoners War Global Esports YouTube Channel has reached nearly 2 million views in just one day after the tournament, proving the world’s never-ending interest on the game. The YouTube broadcasting video in French had 1 million views, showing the high popularity and attention from the local users.

The tournament entrance tickets were all sold out with the start of last month’s reservation, and in fact, the 1,500 spectators waited in line since the morning of the match. The line was nearly 1km forming in a block until the stadium.

With a total prize pool of $210,000 USD, this year’s World Finals was more intense than ever. The eight finalists, selected from the Americas Cup, Europe Cup and Asia-Pacific Cup, competed in the finals and showed many of unexpected and surprising matches.

DILIGENT, the Asia-Pacific Cup winner and this year’s front runner, and LAMA, the last year’s runner-up, lost in the quarterfinals and shocked the audience. ROSITH, a French player who received a massive amount of support from the audiences, also didn’t make it to the final.

In the final, the American player THOMPSIN and the Chinese player L’EST competed. The match was very intensive, and after the fierce battle, L’EST grabbed the trophy and won the $100,000 prize money and the SWC Best Summoner title.

As it was the largest tournament ever, it received a lot of attentions outside the stadium. The on-site was filled with foreign presses to capture the moment, and influencers from all over the world shared the news through their social media channels and various online media platform.

The first world finals was held in Los Angels, USA in 2017, Seoul, South Korea in 2018, and Paris, France in 2019. With its explosive growth, SWC is becoming the world’s leading global mobile esports tournament.

Com2uS said “”SWC has truly evolved into a mature esports program where game fans from all over the world can enjoy and interact with. While constantly growing the tournament, we will let the world know about the Korean mobile game and increase our competitiveness in the global market.”

[컴투스] 사진자료 - SWC 2019 월드결선 현장 관객 환호 (2)

▲ Local audience cheering before entering the SWC 2019 World Finals

[컴투스] 사진자료 - SWC 2019 월드결선 객석

▲ The audience that filled the SWC 2019 World Finals venue

[컴투스] 사진자료 - SWC 2019 월드결선 결승전(톰신 VS 레스트)

▲ SWC 2019 World Finals – final match (THOMPSIN vs L’EST) 

[컴투스] 사진자료 - SWC 2019 월드결선 우승자 레스트(L'EST)

▲ SWC 2019 World Champion L’EST

You can watch SWC2019 Finals here: