Samsung Galaxy S20 officially launched in PH – comes with insane camera hardware

February 18, 2020 0 By Angela Deloso

Samsung had just launched the Galaxy S20 series in the Philippines — A total game changer in terms of hardware and form factor.

Undisputed camera configuration

The flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with an Ultra Resolution Quad Camera that has up to 108MP Wide Angle, 48MP Telephoto, 12MP Ultra-Wide, and Depth Vision lenses. This kind of setup is a killer which gives mobile photographers the flexibility and picture quality that can match up to standard mirror-less cameras that photographers use.

What do the pros say about the Galaxy S20’s camera

One of the guest influencers invited to the product launch, BJ Pascual, a professional photographer who has built his reputation in the fashion photography industry was surprised at the unbelievable quality the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can offer.

According to him, this smartphone can match with his professional gear. The smartphone’s camera features allowed him to take great photos, as well as take advantage of Samsung’s Space Zoom feature that allows him to close in on subjects up to 100 times. The Bright Night gives him the ability to take photos in low light without sacrificing its quality.

King of SDE also shares the same thoughts. As someone well-known for producing breathtaking wedding videos, Videographer Jason Magbanua believes that Galaxy S20 has changed mobile videography.

“I have added the Galaxy S20 Ultra to my gear set because of its 8K Capabilities. What I like about using the smartphone is that it’s light yet capable of capturing the best moments of a wedding in ultra-high resolution.”

He said. Another feature he enjoys is the 8K Video Snap, which allows a user to take the same quality snapshot from the footage.

Looking ahead

8K and 5G capabilities are the key features of the flagship Galaxy S20, but it does raise questions within our tech driven minds such as – “How will 8K footage treat the storage capabilities of the phone?” and “Can the power specs of the phone keep up with 5G support?” – All of these questions are from different points of the said features that we saw develop throughout the previous year (emphasis on the 5G).

The Galaxy S20 is shaping the idea of photography more casually. The camera features are most useful for social media influencers, video bloggers, freelancers, or aspiring photographers. The powerful RAM and processor also makes multitasking easier. We are looking at convenience, function, and portability. Although it’s not meant to replace all those professional camera gear, the Samsung Galaxy S20 phone does have promising qualities.

See the full specs of the different Galaxy S20 variants here

Pre-ordering a Galaxy S20+ or Ultra will also bag you a free pair of Galaxy Buds+ worth P 6,990 – We’d recommend getting the cloud blue variant of the Galaxy S20+ as it’s a pre-order exclusive as well.

The cheapest variant of the Galaxy S20 at P 49,990 is an online and operator exclusive and the only variant to have the cloud pink colorway.