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EVENT | AOC: Battle of the Visionaries – PUBG Invitationals – ArkAngel dominates

AOC held their nationwide finals for the PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds Invitationals Tournament in High Grounds Cafe last week. Gathering the best of the best from various Internet Cafes in the Philippines – consisting of 16 teams around 1 of each representing internet cafes fought it out for the top prize worth Php 50,000 and represent the country in AOC’s Battle of the Visionaries Regional Tournament which is going to be held in Chengdu, China. There are a total of six (6) rounds throughout the event – three (3) rounds for Erangel, and three (3) rounds for Miramar.

I’ve been in High Grounds Café and I noticed that there were monitors that didn’t belong to the café. AOC provided their C27G1 Curved Gaming Monitors for this event for the pro gamers to experience the real standard in Esports gaming monitors.

Aside from AOC, Rapoo also has a showcase for their gaming peripherals: mouse, mechanical keyboard, and headsets. Then there was T-Force, but they didn’t showcase any of their products in the event, just their visual ads.

The teams engaged each other in the first round which lasted for almost an hour, and concluded with ArkAngel as the first winner with an 11 points lead against the closest opposing team, Techtite Esports.

After a few minutes, ArkAngel won the second (2nd) round, maybe, that’s because of their very coordinated strategies that led them to winning again. This time, the gap between ArkAngel, the second (2nd) and third (3rd) teams has risen up, it was a 28 points lead, and they are followed by team Miraculum Gaming and Esports Venue.

The third round was also captured by ArkAngel, they seem to be really unstoppable in the Erangel Map and gathered a 43 points lead, and a total of 73 points, followed by the team Miraculum Gaming with a total of 30 points.

The maps has been changed to Miramar, and team Miraculum Gaming proved that ArkAngel can be stopped with one (1) player remaining from their team, which is JBurninggg, clutching his way up to winning the round.

Miraculum claimed their first round, breaking the momentum of ArkAngel from winning, but that doesn’t put them at the top, yet, because ArkAngel still has a total of 79 points, while Miraculum Gaming has a total of 43 points. At the third (3rd) place, Gosu Cyber Lounge fought their way up from the lower ranks.

Fifth round, none of the teams gave up, even from the teams on the lower ranks, and it was proven by HQ Esports by NCGC by claiming their first win.

At this time, hope was given to all the teams, but to everyone else watching, ArkAngel is totally going to win the tournament with the points gap getting bigger. By this time, ArkAngel gathered a total of 92 points, followed by team Miraculum Gaming with 49 points and Cyber Circuit Gaming with a 47. I

It was impossible to bring down ArkAngel with that amount of points. They really want to prove that they’re the ones who are worthy to represent the Philippines in PUBG Esports.

HQ Esports by NCGC took the third (3rd) place, Miraculum Gaming in the second (2nd) place, and as the host was about to announce the Champion, the cheering of the people in that room started to rise up, it was ArkAngel who won the AOC Pacific Battle of The Visionaries Tournament and crowned as the Champions, winning the Php 50,000 prize.

ArkAngel is going to be our representatives for the APAC Finals in Chengdu, China. As always, it was a toxic-free ending for a tournament, every player in each team is proud and willing to support the Arkangel for one of their greatest fights.

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