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ESGS 2018: The ESGS Mech Collective

We all have been on our toes with the excitement from hearing the news of the humble Mech Collective. Which was traditionally only between the enthusiasts – now scale up in being able to participate on ESGS – one of the biggest esports and tech conventions in Southeast Asia.

With all the pressure to have everything set into place for ESGS Day 2 – Oct 27. We had day 1 to invite more brands directly from the event halls. We had Corsair, Galax, Bloody, and even event goers – We we’re spreading the news to invite not just if they’re interested to participate but if they would want to drop by to see the hobby in a more clear view.

The event was set to be 1-5pm on Oct 27 at the Meeting Room 9 – 2nd floor of SMX. We were allowed to setup early as we found out no one was actually occupying the meeting room. Different invited brands started to arrive with their keyboards and some even had their higher executives visit the mech collective just to see what really is in the hobby of a simple peripheral.


at 1pm, it was a bit quiet as the first people to arrive were brand representatives and some of the registered exhibitors. We also had some interactions with executives from Fantech – one of the exhibitors in ESGS that we invited the during the first day of ESGS.

at 2pm, more exhibitors and con goers arrived. some notable mech keyboard enthusiasts were also at the event. like the traditional annual Mech Collective, all the enthusiasts was bundled in discussing different keyboards and were open for questions especially to those who were new to the event.

The ESGS Mech Collective have a huge array of keyboards in all shapes and sizes available in the event. and all were free to try, feel, and ask about to our resident keyboard enthusiasts. From different brands to different keyboard modders – your imagination won’t run out when checking out the peripheral eye candies at the meeting room. We even have keyboards that are only teased and not yet released.

The people kept coming and everyone was having a great time. enthusiasts having conversations at the side while con goers try out different keyboards and ask if they wanted to know more about something in the display. The room was full but it was never chaotically crowded.

Due to the amount of people still going to the meeting room, we had a small extension till 6:30pm. the raffle for the prizes was done at 5pm with the ongoing display in the background. everything was executed smoothly that it can classified as controlled chaos as there were a lot of activities going on without any chaos going on.


We’d like to thank all of our solid partners for supporting the event:

ASUS ROG and MSI were highly supportive of the event weeks before ESGS – expect them on the next Mech Collectives. Fantech, Corsair, Galax, and Bloody are also awesome supporters and partners with the event.

Of course we would like to thank ESGS and Gariath Concepts for allowing us to present the Mech Collective with the Mechanical Keyboard Warriors PH Group (BIG THANKS TO SIR MYK DE JESUS) and open its doors to the general community of tech and gaming enthusiasts in the event.


So, are we expecting an ESGS Mech Collective 2019? any suggestions to the event? missed the event or want to have it on the main ESGS halls?
One thing is for sure – We’ll do our best to improve and have this again as much as possible

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Seth Francisco Capili
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