ESGS 2019: Ready for Rainbow Six Siege?

ESGS 2019: Ready for Rainbow Six Siege?

November 2, 2019 0 By GGWPTech Editor

Rainbow Six: Siege isn’t totally a newcomer to the ESGS halls – If we turn the clock back enough we can remember the game featured in the Ubisoft booth way back. However, with a game with a growing community of competitive play – is the Philippines ready for the pro-league circuit of Rainbow Six Siege?

The Iron Curtain

The whole Rainbow Six: Siege tournament going on has all of the details shrouded in secrecy under the covers of the official Philippine Rainbow Six Siege facebook group for quite some time. The reason was this was supposed to be handled as a collaboratory project within the community powered by the community.

Only the semis and finals we’re shown during the event and it took us almost a month to finish the qualifiers under the darkness. somehow it worked and the hype was all bottled up and exploded during the event. The whole Rainbow Six Siege community of the country showed up at ESGS 2019 and suddenly a game that almost no one knew in the country became the subject of the question “What Game Is This?”

The Tale of the Tape

After the long tedious qualifiers – the announcements were up and 4 teams got into the semis – Kosa Nostra, OG, Incendiary, and Sedna. 2 familiar names in the R6 scene and 2 growing teams that made their way through the qualifiers.

The Semi-Qualifiers was a battle between KN vs OG and INC vs SDN. a match that pitted the pairs of old and new rivals. The night was young when the game dwindled to a game of adapting to their enemy team’s tactics. The drone game during the semis was unstable – some games had some questionable rushed play that costed rounds for some the teams bu at the end of the night. It was Incendiary vs OG fighting got the Grand Champion spot.

The Old Vets vs The New Guns

The Incendiary team is an old name in the R6 community, hailing from their old name “Skylake” they have been the top performers of the small amount of tournaments around the country. OG is a new team in the scene that is seen making marks by a well linked and solid playing group that got their way into the finals.

As a best of 3 game – I can only see the games favor to OG as there was one fatal flaw with Incendiary during the matchup. They pulled out their Ying play late into the 2nd game and they happened to switch roles into the leading to some players not being able to play their old intended roles. This is a huge step back even in this high level of play. The games were close but there was just something missing with Incendiary that I was only able to notice later into the second game.

Eitherway, OG takes the spot as Grand Champions for the first ever major on-stage Rainbow Six Siege tournament in ESGS. Somehow dethroning Incendiary in the community’s spot as the top team.

Future Pro League Events?

The event was a surprising turnout, especially the finals where cosplayers and the crowd cheering below the main stage was immense and we were surprised to see that a lot of people taking interest in the game through the chat from the stream.

The Philippines is certainly ready for another major Rainbow Six Siege event – But, it does need careful planning to avoid delays and also sudden plans being thrown out and implemented.