ESGS 2019: Impromptu Mech Collective

November 10, 2019 0 By Seth Francisco Capili

ESGS 2018 had one of the first collaborations between brands, the ESGS management, and GGWPTECH – The Mech Collective movement was a success and the mech keyboard community was injected into the tech and gaming scene last year.

But what about this year? There was less manpower to work with in GGWPTECH and time was just not cooperating with the current team due to more responsibilities on hand.

Impromptu AF

The whole ESGS mech collective idea was scrapped early throughout the year – We had our hands full for the whole year from the Computex trip and other responsibilities that filled up the bucket of the GGWPTECH task list.

Every year, content creators hold ESGS day pass giveaways – and this is no different from us in the group.

One of the winners of our giveaway was one of the more known people in the mech keyboard community – Myk De Jesus and also a dear friend cause I’ve ordered some keyboard stuff from him as well.

When I got home from Day 0 of ESGS, he asked me if there was an ESGS Mech Collective this year. I didn’t want to say no so I tried to think of a way to make it happen even if it meant contacting all possible exhibitors.

AOC Gaming Collaboration

AOC has partnered up with GGWPTECH in terms of reviews, events, and etc. When I went to their booth during Day 0 to check up on them, I noticed they had some space to spare and this suddenly gave me an idea that probably the mech collective can happen.

Such an impromptu event had limitations, we had limited space and limited time to play with.

We have coordinated this both with ESGS management and the AOC management and the Impromptu ESGS MEch Collective was a go.

The Impossible Possible

We had some hurdles during the event as we had no table and also me being occupied on the second day of ESGS as I was casting for a main stage event.

Somehow, AOC got a table to use for the mini event and everyone was thrilled enough for the mech keyboard community by the AOC booth by noon and also caught some eyes during that afternoon.

Even Shopzada PH and Clackroach was surprised that the impromptu event followed through and he was also there to see the small event being somewhat of a success.

Anything is possible especially with a community that’s closely knit together and great brands to work with.

This Mech Collective was technically organized in less than 48 hours and by just the amount of support it received, we can say it was a success on everyone’s part.