ESGS 2019: The Day 0 Experience

October 24, 2019 0 By GGWPTech Editor

ESGS has been the prime standard for a tech and gaming event in the Philippines and it has been more than that and have set the benchmark for other events that come close to it or any event in this matter. – Lets see if ESGS 2019 live to it’s reputation

ESGS 2019 is set on a cyber-futuristic setup where everything is under the glow of neon and beneath towering structures. ESGS did just that and perhaps in the most efficient way possible.

Lenovo emphasized in surface area for their booth to conveniently present their product lines

Heights and Lights

The name of the game is height of the booth and if you can’t beat them then blind them. A lot of the major brand booths are towering in size – and this comes with a reason; the higher the booth gets the easier it is for people to see it and they will have a higher chance locating it from the entrance as well as making it a landmark if they decide to meet up with their friends or group up.

Predator Gaming ditched the 2 floor design for a more vertically stunning booth

Not all brands had the budget to actually make gigantic booths and we get that – but I’m actually surprised on how they managed to be creative with their booths and actually have their own environment going within their walls.

MU PH’s mini tavern booth was one of those small booths that actually made it – They even have nice giveaways from what I’ve seen

Expected Foot Traffic

ESGS from the past have followed a trend – Attendees increase every year, and it somehow beats the best efforts of the management in their pursuit of creating at halls with free flowing traffic.

Smaller booths are not yet fully setup on Day 0 but we can clearly see the walking space that ESGS management has came up with

2019 for me has got to have one of the best pre-planned floorplans to date – but you have to be their personally to actually see it.

When we got the floorplan early in the week – we thought, “okay this is a weird floorplan because of the bigger booths being farther from the center of the halls compared to past ESGS times”

We noticed when we started taking pictures of the place that there was more room for people to actually move through the halls and the major booths had more space inside of them for people to not overflow.

HyperX have a more open booth to freely roam into this year

Business and Media Days

Moving through roots of other big events worldwide – ESGS 2019 have implemented a business and media day.

This is strictly for the peace of the halls between buyers, business owners, brands, and media personnel to make talks with each other.

MSI Gaming has maximized their booth without losing space for attendees – they have 4 sides on this specific booth!

Not to mention, how easy it is to take photos of booths, create B-rolls, and have brand representatives present the products while on video. Hailing from Computex – this is a win-win situation for everyone and it payed off.

The AOC booth was one of the more extended booths seen in the event proper and they’ve partnered with Rapoo and Tforce this year.