ESGS 2019: Behind the Casters’ Table

November 23, 2019 0 By Seth Francisco Capili

ESGS 2019 had a whole range of new stuff for the GGWPTECH team. Before the whole event, we actually had expanded our connections by brushing shoulders with the shoutcasting community and we didn’t expect one of our team to be casting on this big event.

The Huge Honor

Casting isn’t for everyone and this is already given through the limited amount of casters that a game need. The shoutcasting community being a close and tight knit one proves the small amount of qualified shoutcasters in the country.

Shoutcasting isn’t a new career but not a whole lot is actually made for it. Imagine having the knowledge to cast a game and somewhat act like a host to an audience is a huge feat and that’s where organizations choose and pick who has what it takes to be a worth while caster on their events.

Knowing is only half of the battle

Shoutcasting isn’t only being able to carry a huge amount of knowledge about a game to interpret a game in real time but also being able to be pleasing to your audience. You can have all of the knowledge about a game but if you’re boring and dull – you won’t be good enough to shoutcast a game in front of the viewers.

Being referred to organizers will go a long way but with bigger events, they prefer to screen their casters as they are setting aside a portion of their budget for this purpose. This is what separates the casters that have the talent a certain event needs.

The Challenges

The first time I casted a physical event – the whole tournament went well but I absolutely destroyed my voice. With this major event coming, I assured to go easy on my voice and took some tips from other casters to protect my voice from fatigue.

  • Lukewarm water and avoiding cold sugary drinks
  • Mints or if available ginger candy
  • Keeping warm goes a long way

On top of the challenges of keeping your voice alive, casters also have to deal with impromptu changes in the schedule and screen displays that oriented only seconds before. We had some struggles with these normal hurdles but we actually handled it rather smoothly.