ESGS 2019: ASUS ROG – Bringing Computex

ESGS 2019: ASUS ROG – Bringing Computex

October 28, 2019 0 By GGWPTech Editor

ASUS ROG had one of the towering booths during ESGS 2019 – of course we have expected this from one of the leading brands in the country.

The booth was rather familiar – it was a compressed and more home-y version of the booth from Computex 2019! lights and sound we’re also improved upon observation.

Neon Phase

ASUS ROG brought Computex 2019 to the Philippines by bringing their booth concept and adding a fitting scene to ESGS 2019.

They had this neon aesthetic going on as well as a home-y chill feeling with some music playing through the booth.

Easy Sales

One of the cool features of the ROG booth that was different was a dedicated sale area – powered by JDM themselves. This made purchasing ASUS ROG items way easier than having a booth only dedicated to just products.

The Ecosystem Game

ASUS ROG had a dedicated area in their booth where not just a setup was created but a whole room to further immerse the con attendees into the ASUS ROG ecosystem if they do dedicate their room with it.

From a PC setup with ASUS ROG parts from a console system with one of their biggest monitors setup – They successfully created a room within the halls of SMX.

Lappys, TUF Product line, and the ROG Phone 2

ASUS ROG had a clean display of laptops, The ROG Phone 2 and the TUF product line all in one side of the booth. You can imagine that this could be really crowded but with how they executed everything. The space could be jam packed with a line and it would still look decent.

The laptops were also used for a Dota 2 tournament later throughout ESGS.

The ROG Phone 2 was also beautifully displayed alongside all of its accessories. It was even up for use and trial during the remainder of the event.

The TUF ecosystem is one of the more recognizable areas in the booth as this product line has received a host of different marketing efforts due to its price point being more accessible to most people.