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ESGS 2018 – Best Take on Artist’s Alley yet

Gariath Concepts has always made it a priority to fix and improve most points every ESGS – ESGS 2017 in particular had a lacking feel in the merchandise and artist’s alley department. It felt like what you can purchase was limited to just peripherals and a few merchandise choices – don’t get me wrong, this is fine knowing the setting of the event but it could be improved from having the limit removed

ESGS 2018 in particular had their layout revamped and made the merchandise spread out through the halls to avoid any huge crowds forming. But at first glance at the floorplan. nothing seemed special and new on the volume of the 3rd party merchandisers and other purchasables.

Artist’s Alley Massive Buff

Been into some conventions during the first months of 2018 and art merchandise has been a huge thing in my purchase list ever since – there’s something with legitimate art that makes it worth buying.

you can easily spend a couple of hundreds in art without you noticing. A few faults that I noticed in previous cons were repetitiveness and lack of variations on the stuff you can buy each table/booth and also the lack of space for artists area.

ESGS being a late year event made sure they didn’t succumb to these problems.

The first thing we noticed was that they really made a literal alley for the artist’s alley. some people mentioned that it looked cramped and wouldn’t hold on high volumes of attendees but let me explain why they did this.

ESGS 2017 had a small problem in hallway congestion leading to people opt to cross through booths and made booths also congested. They segregated major merchandiser areas and the artist’s alley to avoid mixing attendees buying in front of the booths and tables with the ones just passing.

We passed by the alley in all 3 days and at different times of the day to really see if the layout held with the volume of people in the event – and it worked. There was a steady stream of con goers that kept the area busy, there was enough space in front of the tables to accommodate buyers while having enough space in the middle for people moving through the alley.

What are ya buyin?

ESGS 2018 had a surprisingly diverse artist’s alley – I’m not sure if they screened the exhibitors but somehow every table had a specialty and unique item for sale. from comics, large prints, matte stickers, see through stickers, bead art, custom metal pins, and everything in between – there was usually something new in every table to make every table worth checking.

Exhibitor Relations

ESGS management had a good run with treating their exhibitors with great care – this isn’t limited to only the major brands but also to the artists in the dedicated alley they made.

Each booth/table had ample space and wasn’t too cramped unlike most conventions would do (shame on these cons, you know who you are) There was enough space for the artists to move freely and had extra to spare (This was seen through the space between each table)

We also received a report that ESGS [[invited all the artists for a free dinner after day 2 and each of them even received a certificate of participation. (Good call on that one ESGS !)

Best Artist’s Alley yet?

ESGS hasn’t just raised the standards on conventions for attendees but also exhibitors – both small and big.

This is a great improvement knowing that I’ve been seeing conventions throughout the year cramming artist tables and areas. A quick salute to ESGS management for such a good move for the betterment of everyone.

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