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Checking out MSI Gaming’s new hardware lineup for 2019 was invited last week to MSI’s Indo-Pacific X570 Partner Convention in Bangkok, Thailand and we got to see what MSI Gaming has to offer in the PC hardware market for 2019.

With AMD’s third generation Ryzen processors just coming around the corner this week, we are all pretty excited to see what MSI has to offer in this convention. MSI brings to the table new motherboards, monitors, and peripherals that will satisfy the Dragon Army fans and enthusiasts alike to get into the MSI ecosystem.

MSI X570 Motherboards

We have seen a lot of new motherboards from our Computex 2019 coverage of the MSI booth but here we got some more details surrounding their X570 lineup.

For VRM configurations, the MSI X570 boards will have a IR35201 PWM Controller paired with an IR3599 Phase doubler and the vCore power stages will be utilizing the Infineon TDA21472 70A Power stages.

These past few weeks we have seen several leaks of Ryzen processors being overclocked above 5GHz with LN2 on MSI MEG X570 Godlike motherboards and it’s no surprise that the VRM configuration allows for extreme OC records.

MSI representatives said that for now, there will be no other form factors available for their motherboards like mATX and mITX but it is definitely in the plan so that’s something for the future.

We also clarified some information about the MEG X570 Godlike about why does the 10GBe NIC have to come with a separate PCIe card instead of being built in the motherboard and that the lack of an extra 12v PCIe power above the x16 PCIe slot despite the Z390 Godlike having one. They said that they want to have a focus on their Killer LAN for gamers as the 10GBe NIC card is more of a requirement for creators. As for the 12v PCIe power, they find that it is necessary as gamers don’t often use more than one graphics cards nowadays.

MSI X570 Motherboards photo gallery

MSI Gaming setups

MSI also showed off their new hard in the demo booths with several PC Gaming setups with the full MSI Ecosystem. You can read more details of the products from our MSI Computex 2019 coverage. They also have in display four of their new Gaming monitors and several new MSI Gaming chassis.

MSI MPG Sekira 500G

Another particular item that caught my eye is the MSI MPG Sekira 500G case. I’ve seen this in Computex 2019 and I have been ultimately interested in having a closer look at this PC as I am a fan of huge cases. I like the fact that it has a lot of hard drive mounts, tool-less tempered glass sides, and lots of cable management and fan mounting options. The rose-gold accent and brushed panel looks goos and this AMD 50th Anniversary special edition is definitely going to my wish list.

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