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Domination: Cabal 11th Year Anniversary Event

Cabal Online launched wayback 2008 and now it’s more widely known as Cabal Reloaded. Cabal Reloaded celebrated its 11th year with its Domination Event that happened on June 23, 2019 in Skydome, SM City EDSA.

It was a rather populated event that has majority of the community participate and be rewarded. Players who went to the event received in-game items. They also invited Mr. Wormy a known international personality in Cabal. Bands were also present in the event such as Delaney and Chicosci. And the event was hosted by GM Jaq with Phaister and Vill.

Guilds got the chance to organize a mini-event in the venue because of the booths they were offered in the event. They also had a contest for the guilds and their awesome guild shirt and banner.

There was also a Guild Rally – the most attendees will have a chance to play Alz o Kahon where the winner got a Master Weapon of Choice for 30 days.

Besides the fun, that coincided in the event premises. There was also a competition held for a slot at the Playpark All-Stars Finals. They started early with the NCR leg elimination to easily proceed to the Final 4. The Final 4 teams that battled it out to have a spot for the Playpark All-Stars Finals are YP Javier (NCR), Titos of Veteranz (Davao), Nikostratos (Visayas), and YesPogi (Defending Champions). The tournament is a round robin and the top 2 teams will be having the slot for the finals of Playpark All-stars. YesPogi got the first place slot for having a standing of 3-0 and next to them is YP Javier with a standing 2-1. They will be the teams that guaranteed a slot for the Playpark All-stars Finals.

Cabal Reloaded Domination 11th Anniversary event was a great and rather fulfilling way to celebrate 11 wholesome years of the game’s life. It was full of fun events that the players can participate, chill, and enjoy with the bands that were playing. But besides that, players that are competitive with the game had a chance to showcase there skills in the event.

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