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EVENT | AMD x ASUS Create-Your-Content Workshop

Content creation has been in the rise for quite a while. It doesn’t hurt for beginners and other people contemplating on starting this venture to brush up on what matters in this 21st century storymaker.

ASUS and AMD has partnered up to bring such event into the sights of fellow content creators – with good reason.

These 2 tech giants have been one of the brands that spearheads the content creation boom in the market. Why? They hold the technology to be tapped for efficient workflow in creating or interpreting experiences of creators and influencers alike.

Create with Nate

One of the speakers, Nate Punzalan has touched topics in the talk that can have anyone in the room co-relate whether you’re a full pledged content creator to a newbie or beginning talent set to pursue new pastures in the realm on content creation.

The lowest points will teach a lot of lessons – said Nate, and have mentioned that the virtual world is not the real world. Stressing on content creation is a norm especially when you’re managing everything that’s happening around you; this is something that most aren’t aware of in this field and to that Nate has included that at times – Take a Step Back, this lets you see things in a more broad lens and let you remember where you are and why you started in the first place.

Niche content also plays a huge role in the market these days as it easily sets up your branding to be easily recognizable and people will actually be able to easily differentiate you from other creators doing mediocre content.

A huge part of Nate’s talk was profit from content creation. While some of these are basic topics such as Google Adsense – He brushed up on personally networking with brands, niche content comes to play with this as brands will not waste resources on branding that is too broadly represented rather they want someone who can actually reach out to the target market.

Lastly, Nate has greatly imposed to have analytics setup as a content creator. In a professional sense this will be great as you’ll be able to represent yourself to brands rather easily but also personally you’ll be able to actually see your audience and who you’re interacting with. This also shows an exact number in which you can base your progress in a more concise and definite way.

Mike the Master of Visuals

Honestly, I learned more than Visual Storytelling with Mike Manansala. I like how he truly did believe in bringing more quality to content creation to the point of diving into mechanics of film making and such.

I highly related on what Mike was trying to say that content quality is slowly declining and the topics that he spliced in front of us was a huge part in bumping up content creation both in output and the creation process itself.

Small steps can create a better video altogether – such techniques such as storyboards and scripts are misunderstood; he mentioned that such elements serve as a guide for the output and not necessarily what you need to do exactly. People appearing in videos also play a huge role in viewers actually feeling something within your videos for the reason that viewers get to see something they can relate with.

Creating content lies within the heart of the idea and the production process. Mike always mentioned to stick to your plan or at least as much as possible.

Basic film making concepts such as applying the rule of thirds, completing the needed amount of shots, embracing natural light goes a long way. Standards today also dictates we always shoot in 4k for editing processes and knowing your FPS for slow motion edits.

Capturing something with your video lens doesn’t mean you tell the stories of others but content creation tell more about you and how you present and interpret them with your final video. The elements of a good video includes you teaching something, revealing hidden things through unpredictability, and show conflict to stress and focus on a subject.


ASUS and AMD seized the opportunity to feature their specialized items for content creation.

Slim ASUS laptops made specifically for portable power were presented in the venue – Ryzen processors introduce portable solutions for creators on the go whether its travelling to different places or battling their own deadlines. ASUS and AMD got you covered.

Bumping your production value has something to do with the monitors and computer rigs you use for post production. ASUS and AMD has worked together to create an ecosystem for creators to match up requirements for heavy rendering and color accuracy with 4k resolution monitors and HDR enabled display coupled with Freesync support with rigs powered up with the latest AMD Ryzen 3000 processors at the disposal of content creation with no time wasted for post production and such.

Seth Francisco Capili
Seth is a marketing and business professional by choice - a tech enthusiast and writer by birth. Back from the brink of almost disconnecting with his technological side; Seth reunites with his technological persona through writing and managing a business around computers. With a knack for interacting with people and machine - Seth spearheads the social media management and content writing efforts of GGWPTECH. "In search of darkness, Never bring light - In search of Sethan, Google @ItzYaBoiSethan"

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