ESGS 2019: Revamping the Remarkable

ESGS has become the standard benchmark of events in the country – and should I say that has evolved into a standard benchmark for any events in our region. Some could even say it’s the Mini-Computex of the Philippines.

This year had me on my toes because there’s been a trend over succeeding ESGS that the foot traffic would always exceed the previous one immensely.

We’ll also see if ESGS management have placed all areas perfectly to distribute the amount of attendees properly while still creating enough space for the anticipated foot traffic.

Wide Open Roads

With 42,000+ attendees this year we didn’t see that much flagging or ranting over the social media space about the management of lines and foot traffic.

One way to summarize how Gariath Concepts handled ESGS 2019 is “Swiftly” Once there was a long line, personnel would control and guide the line so it would disperse easily, and this included people entering the entrances of SMX and the one entering the halls.

It was also worth noting that booths had a considerable amount of space inside them compared to before. This reduced attendee spill-over to the halls and worsening foot traffic. A couple of booths also had multi-spaced areas to keep attendees moving rather than creating a huge line and making things unruly.

There’s a generous amount of pictures in the internet showing ESGS 2019 packed with people – These aren’t videos though and if you were at the event, it was a moving crowd and not a bulk of people blocking the huge pathways of the halls.

I’m Not Deaf This Year

One thing I didn’t like about ESGS 2018 is the amount of speakers battling each other and utterly blasting my eardrums off leading me to avoid some areas completely.

This year, the sounds from the booths were more controlled and soothing. Music were interpret-able and not just some cracked bass blowing off other booths. Even the loud speakers of the ASUS ROG booth was on an optimal level and you can hear that KPOP beat playing while you tour around their booth.

More Sales Here and There

Another noticeable change in ESGS 2019 is that there were more booths ready for purchases! Even the ASUS ROG booth had dedicated sales area and more brands and even personalities came into ESGS to make some green by selling merchandise.

HyperX and Glorious PC Master Race were noticeable sellers of this event. A bundle of deals plus new products released in the Philippine market. ASUS ROG also had a huge turnout of sales as they had a dedicated sales area powered by JDM.

Small Booths Making an Impact!

There we’re some noticeable booths this year that ultimately made an awesome impact despite their size!

Notably, the JBL and Viewsonic booth we’re awesome areas that they turned into their own rooms of interaction. The Viewsonic booth created their booth to a minimalist design area to match with their monitor that they mentioned to focus on internal features rather than useless aesthetic features as they reiterated.

Never Ending Hype

ESGS 2020 when? amirite? The huge amount of brands and activities this year was truly a turnout that we might have underestimated.

There was enough hype that went around and enough brands to keep it going for the whole weekend – and you know what? the hype even is enough to get through 2020!

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