ESGS 2019: AOC, Rapoo, and T-Force

AOC, Rapoo, and T-Force have been in seen together since the start of the year; somewhat an answer to growing brands that are slowly creating whole ecosystems. AOC might have came up with a solution in the ecosystem trend circling test brands in this year’s ESGS.

A Monitor for Anyone

AOC had one of the more bulkier line up of monitors and displays in ESGS 2019 despite their limited booth size

AOC with their compact booth this year looks normal from the front but they actually strategically placed different monitors on all 3 sides of the booth. G2590PX, G2790PX, C24G1, C27G1, AG322FCX, 22B1H, 22B1S, 24B1XHS – that’s a huge line up of monitors for that small booth – besides that you can even try out all of them and their varying refresh rates on different games and programs in the system.

The Ecosystem Game

A smart way to make use of their booth space – is this the AOC Ecosystem that we’ll be seeing to bulk up in ths future?

Lets face it, we all are running on a budget even major brands. AOC seen close together with Rapoo and T-Force in different events since the start of the year. The ecosystem trend has been out in the market for a while and there was no reason for AOC and these brands to cooperate and provide an “ecosystem”.

No watercooled NVMEs 🙁

We have T-Force supplying their rather colorful line up of RAM and Storage options – I was a bit sad not to see the watercooled NVMEs though. but they were able to present their complete line up of RAM in their table.

Gimme that VH50 mic goodness!

Rapoo has the peripherals covered for this ecosystem. Rapoo has been in high gear in promoting their keyboards, mice, and headsets through their media channels and I personally have a liking on their audio options. As we previously tried out the VH50 and it’s outstandingly great on-board mic.

A Giant in Small Shoes

Day Zero

AOC, T-force, and Rapoo certainly attracted an amount of crowd in their humble booth because of how diverse they made use of their space. It was desirable and breathable to visit their booth. It was spacious that GGWPTECH was able to contact AOC and agree on a mini-mech collective on the 2nd day of ESGS 2019.

Day “Help Me” I can’t Move

A true giant posing in humble small shoes – AOC, T-Force, and Rapoo have displayed that there are other cost effective ways to increase reach and explore more costly trends in product development.

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