Does RAM really matter for Gaming and how much RAM do you need?

Does RAM really matter for Gaming and how much RAM do you need?

When it comes to building a Gaming PC, no aspect of performance-enhancing hardware is ignored. Whether it’s about the processor, graphics card, or a good quality RAM. A Gaming PC is simply the combination of all these little pieces of hardware put together and you can’t afford to go wrong with either one of them if u need to get to max out of your Gaming PC.

Before we go into the nitty-gritty’s of RAM, let’s be clear that there are hundreds of brands out there that create RAM’s for high-performance PC usage, CORSAIR, being the leading brand, specializes in that matter and if you’re looking to buy one for your dream machine, CORSAIR recently released the DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB Premium DDR4 RAM for the gaming enthusiasts.

What does RAM actually do sitting in a PC?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory but let’s not be boring about its functionality because you’re not reading a Computer Science Book, RAM basically works as the right hand for the computer, it holds information temporarily so that the computer can access it and perform many tasks at the same time with relatively higher speed and there’s nothing more to know about it that matters.

How much RAM do you need?

This is a simple question with many different answers to it. Depending on many factors, the main one being other hardware specifications you choose for your computer, selecting the right type of RAM is not much of a hassle. You can buy up to 128gb of RAM (as seen on CORSAIR’s webpage) nowadays which is insane.

But the question is, if your system doesn’t have a motherboard that can support high frequency RAM, then you can’t simply buy one and expect it to work.

Does the generation of RAM matter?

Generation of RAM surely matters a lot, you don’t want to be buying anything older than DDR4, DDR simply stands for Double data rate. The previous generation of RAM includes the DDR3 and DDR2 RAM, both of them are outdated and don’t even deserve your attention.

Apart from that, you should be keeping in mind that if your motherboard supports DDR3 RAM then you can’t install a DDR4 RAM on it. DDR4 RAM offers clock cycles (which are in megahertz) that are unmatchable as compared to the previous generations.

How does RAM improve Gaming performance?

You cannot expect your PC to hold information without having no to little RAM in it. When you start playing the game, all the information that the processor requires is stored in RAM, if your RAM is low, you will be noticing a lag in the frame rate and loading rate will drop by a huge margin as well.

Higher the RAM, the smoother your experience will get, you’ll be needing highquality RAM like CORSAIR DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB Premium DDR4 which is specifically designed to handle intense gaming.

You can never go wrong with a reliable brand like CORSAIR.

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