COMPUTEX 2019 | Gigabyte AORUS x AMD: Gen 4 or Get Out

COMPUTEX 2019 | Gigabyte AORUS x AMD: Gen 4 or Get Out

May 29, 2019 0 By GGWPTech Editor

AORUS isn’t the first of the brands to join the AMD hype but rather it aimed for a more grouped reveal of all their items. With that, AORUS is one of the brands to feature a full PCIE 4.0 ecosystem that gives an actual viable reason to get the X570.

AORUS had a lavish event at the Taipei 101 mall at the midst of the first day of Computex 2019 – It seemed like a regular X570 release but even the start of the presentation was a big surprise to most of us.

AORUS unveiled their take of the X570 on their flagship motherboardĀ  – The Xtreme. It aimed not only to drive the new generation of Ryzen motherboards but also have it handle the temperatures smoothly.

Think of a motherboard being covered by a giant heatsink – rather the motherboard is a heatsink all in itself.

This isn’t even the start – AORUS’s move in the SSD market in the past months has payed off – They’ve developed not 1 but 2 NVME devices; both great but with more options.

The first which is a monster of storage devices is the AORUS Gen 4 PCIe Gen4 NVME AIC SSD. Its basically a huge SSD Powered by 4x AORUS Gen4 SSDs in a platform with a cooling system that includes a blower fan and heatsink. It is unsure if we’ll have a 4TB version as the one shown in the presentation is a 8TB version which is powered by 4 2tb drives. This system reaches 15GB/s in read and write which is way more tremendous compared to other available drive options in the market.


The second option is a bit more smaller but it’s cool in itself – literally cool as it has a full copper heatsink cooling system. this one however comes in 1TB and 2TB versions – both having the full heatsink. The AORUS Gen 4 SSD-NVME reaches 5GB/s in the read and 4.4GB/s for write – which is a step above the highest known to date that plays around 3.5GB/s in the read and write department.

AORUS is one of the brands that jumpstart of creating the PCIE Gen 4 Ecosystem that truly maximizes the release of the 3rd generation of Ryzen AMD processors.