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COMPUTEX 2019 | XPG: Bringing Xtreme to Everything

XPG was a brand I wanted to visit because of the huge debut they had with their memory and storage options. the price to performance ratio was a little extra for its brand.

They wanted to bring the XPG branding on more than components. They’re planning to have a lineup of peripherals and chassis with the RGB and extreme performance that XPG is well known to have.


Starting with the small stuff – The Battleground XL and XL Prime is the Cordura based XL mousepad that XPG is planning to release. Cordura is a fabric I’ve always wanted to see in more mousepads as it’s basically scratch resistant and somehow waterproof without being rough.

There are a couple of keyboards visible on their booth but the XPG Summoner was their highlight and I can see why. The Summoner is a clear representation of XPG; maximizing everything in a single object. This keyboard will come in Cherry MX blues, reds, and silvers, a magnetic wristrest, and a sandblasted aluminum top plate. Multimedia keys and even a volume wheel is included that doesn’t stop there – The Summoner even has a USB pass-through.

XPG isn’t even stopping on anything – Audio peripherals won’t be skipped.

The XPG Precog, may I say is a comfortable piece of technology to touch the sides of my head – They maximized their effort on this headset; featuring dual drivers, memory foam, multi platform compatibility, and electronic noise cancellation feature.

XPG also released a more cheaper or a more accessible version as an audio option for the market.  The H30 and H20 – not pressing on dual drivers but these have respectable 50mm and 53mm drivers and multi platform support.

The Chassis game is changing – Style isn’t enough for people to actually purchase a product; everyone is looking at the chassis as a something that affects the whole PC as 2018 had some really wonky cases that are good to look at but kind of bad in the airflow.

XPG is planning to release the XPG Invader and Battlecruiser – The Invader is a smaller version of the Battlecruiser (by just a bit) Both features flashy design and airflow with generous clearance combined with ARGB support. The Invader ships with 2 standard stock fans while the BC ships with 4 RGB fans. What makes this 2 chassis rather respectable is they feature magnet locks on the top panel filter and plate and would require minimal force to remove but holds into place in regular applications. We’re expecting this between late Q2 to early Q3.

The XPG Levante is the company’s take on cooling – specifically, AIO coolers. The Levante features a 240mm aluminum radiator with dual 120mm fans and sleeved tubing.

XPG Core Reactor is a power supply product line that XPG plans to unveil – They’ve partnered with a couple of companies to further optimize the internals of these parts.

And here’s something to be excited about – We asked XPG if the RGB power extensions we’re theirs – they only mentioned that currently XPG is developing their own RGB Power Supply Extensions; but no ETA yet.

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