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COMPUTEX 2019 | Seasonic: Unlimited Power LTD.

Knowledge is power – and when we talk about power; trust goes around the brand Seasonic. The brand already holds a huge market share on power supplies in the Philippines and other countries a like; it’d made you think what else would this giant of the industry go forth with?

Seasonic will be launching a new product line – The Core series; will come in 80+ gold efficiency – fully modular, semi modular, and non modular – and will come in 550w and 650w. They mentioned that they are planning to have this priced between the M12 and S12 to the Prime series of power supplies. We can expect these to hit shelves at around Q3 2019.

Platinum efficiency is so 2018 – the brand’s going forward with Titanium efficiency certification and that’s including SFX-L power supplies. The STX Focus will come in either 800w or 700w varieties and still fully modular for all the convenience of lessening work in arranging cables on your teeny tiny ITX builds. This small package that packs a huge punch can be expected around Q3 or Q4 2019.

We’ve seen the fanless fad on power supplies – but most are only rated on the lower spectrums of wattages. Seasonic will push the envelope and have a platinum and titanium rated piece at 500w-450w and 700w-600w respectively. Comin down to steal your power supply choice at Q3 or Q4 this 2019.

Going big on the Titanium releases, we have the TX 1600.
An absolute unit of a power supply rocking the Titanium certification and an extremely generous amount of wattage to spare – We thought Seasonic would go all out and rock the 2k on the Titanium but we we’re also anticipating that they might be thinking of releasing some more smarter choices to the US market. so limiting their flagship wattage at 1.6k.



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