COMPUTEX 2019 | Powering creators with NVIDIA Studio

COMPUTEX 2019 | Powering creators with NVIDIA Studio

May 29, 2019 0 By Ira James

NVIDIA’s press conference today puts focus on the creatives industry where a good chunk of today’s workforce are creative professionals/freelancers who require a good amount of computing power for their applications and improve their workflow.

With almost all of the possible markets already diminished – NVIDIA turns their sights in powering up the people behind the spotlight. NVIDIA revealed their core rocks at the start of the press con – mentioning that it was comparable to Porsche in regards to its success; “Taking your product and penetrating different markets” – This was in line in what they already achieved in the past years from gamers, enterprises, and lately, AI deep learning technology. It was time to bring the extreme measures to the creators.

They highlighted their development of the RTX technology as this was a crucial element to be added in the product they wanted. NVIDIA wanted to release a product that wasn’t half baked this time around.

Introducing – NVIDIA Studio.

NVIDIA Studio aims to be much like a platform which has all the support for creatives all in one roof. From specialty drivers specifically made and tested for each GPU to support and features bound to 200+ creative applications. It doesn’t even stop there. The Studio even has a compatibility lab to see which parts do you really need specifically in your system.

The Studio is the end product of accessibility to more refined graphics technology such as RTX powered ray tracing, accelerated graphics encoding, and specialty drivers made for creators themselves.